Thursday, February 19, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Master Bedroom Edition

The Nester's linky party was just the deadline I needed to finish up my Room-of-Shame re-do.

If you haven't tuned in to the Nester's series "10 Minutes to a Room You'll Love," you absolutely must. In true Nester fashion, she tells you exactly what to do to spruce up 4 different rooms of your home, in 10 minutes.

Yes, I finally finished my bedroom. In 10 minutes...times about 100. 

I know. That means I totally cheated. But in all honesty, I started this bedroom overhaul before the series. Then I abandoned it and gnashed my teeth and pulled out my hair because it was not coming together. At all. 

Her post on sprucing up your master bedroom re-motivated me to finish the job. 

I'll admit...this has taken me a while. Mostly because I have children at home with me all the time so I didn't have long periods of uninterrupted time to knock out the job. Ty Pennington said he was tied up and couldn't help (what a jerk). Alas, I was left to finish the project myself. 

So here's the basic scoop:

1. Budget: I used what I had plus a few thrift store treasures and items from Old Time Pottery. I spent less than $50, not including a computer table from Wal-Mart ($39) so we could squeeze our computer into the room. And the money my hubby spent at Circuit City on a clearance monitor, just a wee bit less obtrusive than our former one circa 1993.

(Streamlined computer area. Not ideal to have computer in our bedroom but there is literally not another space in our little home to house it. And I love The Man for spending a little extra money to make this space way better than it was. I'll probably beautify this area a bit more...but not now. I'm tired.)

2. Design: As mentioned, my first color scheme just wasn't coming together. So, I took out all the color and went totally monochromatic. Creams and whites and taupe. Plus a bit of green. My style is kind of eclectic. I love the comfort and warmth and casualness of Cottage, the nostalgia of Vintage, and the clean lines of Modern. I think this room combines all three. 

3. Finished Product: I love it!!! Ya'll, I have been married over 13 years and have NEVER had a bedroom I loved. Never. Our bedroom was like the ugly stepchild of our home. I focused on the kids' rooms and our public rooms and neglected the most important room of all, the one I share with The Man. We now have a serene, tranquil, and romantic space just for us. I used to only go in there when I had to. Now I never want to leave. 

Ready for the pictures?



Always a fan of plates, I'd been accumulating these white and cream ones forever, unsure of where to put them. The Nester's plates-above-the-bed idea inspired this.



Yep, the dresser went into the closet. (A little bird recommended that. Nester, please give me the Best Student Award.) 



I'll break it down...


Already had the rod and it was already mounted. Thrift store fabric. Not enough of each fabric, so I ripped two different fabrics down and middle to get 4 panels. I folded the top, ring-clipped them, and poofed (all a-la-Nester.)

Valance is leftover from the nursery. I found the trim at the thrift store for a dollar.

We insist on a dark room for sleep and I could not figure out how to salvage my room-darkening panels and keep it hidden. Finally it hit me. I took down the flat thingy that sits at the top of the blinds, threaded the tab-tops over it, and popped it back in place. 

Light and breezy during the day.

Dark and cozy at night.

Sitting Area / Wall

I've never had a sitting area in my bedroom but the Nester said I should. No budget for a cushy, upholstered chair but I did find 2 cream slip covers a while back at Goodwill so I made one of those work. 

Love this boutiquey green girly pillow I got a thrift store for $1!

I had the decorator "table," plus the remnant toile, the thrift store trim, and the sheet. That's right, a sheet. Folded and poofed and placed underneath the toile.

Wait a minute, that's no table. That's a plastic cart with decorator table top on it. (The attic apparently ate the legs.)

As for the chair, the slipcover was way too big and it was just all sad and saggy. So I put some pillows underneath to make it plush.


I also followed the Nester's advice on keeping photos of the kids out of the room and focusing just on The Man and me. I printed some black and whites and framed some others I had sitting around. This wall inadvertently turned into a giant scrapbook...but I like it. I think. It may be a tad bit too cluttery. As budget allows I may add some larger collage frames and eliminate the tiny ones.

All the art is super cheap, comprised of photos and (almost) free art. I found an amazing art book at Salvation Army a while back. I bought it for $3, knowing I would cut out some of the artwork and frame it at some point. 

My "LOVE" letters were $1.99 each at Hobby Lobby. They were brown cardboard and I decoupaged them with scrapbook paper. 

The shelves were formerly white and sitting in my attic. Black spray paint and voila! Four free black shelves. I spray-painted assorted old frames as well.

Don't you wish you had these pretty botanical prints? You can! Go to The Vintage Moth, a FANTASTIC blog with FREE printable vintage prints of all kinds. I put the free fern prints in these old cream frames that were formerly displaying really dated and unattractive family pictures.

This room was relatively easy. (And it was done on the tiniest of budgets.) I didn't rearrange any major furniture or even paint. I just stuck with the builder beige.

But I won't lie. It was not quick. Did I mention my three young children? And that I teach them? At home? That means they are here with me. All the time. Did I mention that?

And that means a bedroom renovation does not happen overnight.

Cupcake especially loved it. His distracted mommy gave him plenty of time to sneak into the bathroom and dump the contents of the trash can into the toilet. 

Still, this room is totally worth it. And now I have motivation to start on "10 Minutes to a Bathroom You'll Love"...

Seeing as how mine is now trashed.

Once again, Nester, I thank you for the motivation and totally do-able ideas you give us to make our homes lovely and liveable.


  1. I was going to come to your blog tonight and say "HEY! Where are you?" and the poof! There you appear in my handy-dandy google reader list! Yay!! Your room looks terrific, of course, and I had a nice little chuckle at the toilet picture. :o)

    I don't think I ever replied to your comment on my blog, but I would love to try and get together when you're at the inlaws this summer!

    H :o)



  3. i'm so excited for you and i don't even know you! i literally did a double take!! you did a fabulous job, i mean, really fabulous!

  4. You did such a good job...makes me want to do mine...and I only have one homeschooler, one who is 9 and should be able to handle himself for a little while while Momma does her thing to the bedroom. Your picture of the Cupcake in the bathroom made me giggle. Out loud. Would that be GOL? : )

  5. Oh, I forgot to ask about decoupaging the letters...I have some fabric I want to decoupage to my cardboard letter but my first attempt was horrible...Any chance you'd do a tutorial for us decoupage-challenged ones?

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! Those plates above your bed have me drooling!

  7. love it!!! i'll have to check out the botanical pictures to frame, they're beautiful!!!

  8. Oh have been busy. I'm next. I just painted the rest of my bathroom and hate the color. Help. It's Canvas Loafers and it's like light pea soup. YUCK.
    But I got the screen door fixed, the rest of my bathroom painted and Danielle's painted (the yuck pea soup). I didn't really do it but had someone do it when I was "doing school" yesterday.
    Your room is great.
    I need that black spray paint!!

  9. It looks fabulous! I love the soothing color scheme.

  10. Some fabulous ideas you used!! Looks great!


  11. Wow! I love the transformation. I am in the process of redoing my bedroom too, care if I copy just a little???

  12. Love what you did here. It looks so inviting. Can't wait to revamp our master bdrm, but I have to paint first.

  13. Holy Cow! That is just fabulous, seriously fabulous! Awesome job!
    Bathroom scene made me laugh...I once caught my then-baby chewing on the sponge that was in the bottom of the toilet brush holder!! Ack!

  14. Your room looks so soothing and cozy! I love your photo wall!

  15. i love it! you did a great job on your bedroom. as for the bathroom...i have three sons, so i feel your pain!

  16. Great job! I love your "scrapbook" wall.. but then I am a scrapbooker as well!

  17. Beautiful job! The Nester is a great inspiration to us all!

    Oh, and I homeschool 3 of my 4 kids (the other one is 2) - so I totally understand that some projects don't happen overnight!! Good for you for getting it done!

  18. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your new precious and beautiful space!

    And if the $1 fantastic green pillow is ever missing . . . you'll find it at TR!!!


  19. Wow! You totally deserve the "best student award". Your room looks amazing! And to learn that you did it for so little dough makes it even more amazing! Great job.

  20. love your 10 miute make over. I think you should win an award. Great job

  21. What a great job!!! I love everything. It is so restful and pretty. I love the plates above your bed and the shelf. And the collection of picture frames on the other wall with the pretty chair and table.

    You did an awesome job! And funny picture of the toilet. I remember those days!


  22. Yours is my favorite makeover yet! What a great job at taking all of the Nester tips and applying them to your space. I love it!

  23. It look great! Good for you. It is so inspiring to see everyone else mistreat their homes so beautifully!

  24. It looks fantastic! Great job! And the pic of Cupcake in the bathroom is priceless - PRICELESS!!! I've been updating my room, as well - we STILL need to get together! LOVE seeing your pics and reading your blog....

  25. All I can say is WOW!!!!!I love the cream and white with touches of green. It looks so clean and calm. I adore your black and white photos and especially love that you didnt spend a fortune to get a room that looks wonderful.

  26. Found my way here from the Nester. Your 10 (or more) makeover is one of my favourites so far. Love the little table. I think the drawers are WAY better than legs. Think of all the bonus storage. I am an organizer at heart:) Thanks so much for the tip on the ferns. Just started a new blog, still have lots to learn, but stop by anytime.

  27. What a great job! I absolutely love what you have done! Love the plates- your ten minute makeover is WOW WOW WOW!!

  28. What a wonderful job you did Marian!!!!! You are truly amazing, and cupcake looks especially cute in your bathroom!! He has grown SO MUCH. I knew you were creative, but WOW to a job well done.

    Love Aunt Marthie(new nickname, thanks to Pastor Stevie)

  29. What a FANTASTIC job! Our master bedroom is in desperate need of help too! I am bookmarking this post for inspiration and ideas as I get started. Thanks!

  30. Wow! I love what you've done! Let me tell you, girl, that I've been married for 22 years and still haven't loved our master bedrooms (several different homes) but I'm working on it. Great job!

  31. Oh my gosh girl, this room is wonderful! You did such an amazing job! I feel like I should be a student of you! And I thought I would die laughing with the junk that wound up in the toilet...but I'm sure you weren't laughing quiet as much as I was. :o) -Mandi

  32. Ok, I'm about to stand on my sofa and cheer at the top of my lungs! FANTASTIC job!!!! You win! I'm am so impressed!

  33. Your bedroom looks beautiful! I'm sure you love to retreat there now.

  34. Great room re-do! And on a nice tight budget too! I am in process of redoing mine. Found fabric 50% off that I am going to make into a duvet cover. Still need to paint the walls...but that will come later. I have started priming the trim work white and it looks so much better than the dark 1970's trim that resided here before!

    Your room is so serene looking. I am looking forward to getting my bedroom to that point as well.

    Oh, and good luck with that bathroom! Your little Cupcake is soooo adorable!

    Oh and I hear you about redoing rooms while you teach three kids at home. (Well, my youngest is only 18 months but I know she is absorbing as well) You are SUPERMOM!

  35. What a great transformation in your bedroom. You really did a lot of changes and it totally shows. I know you must enjoy the space now. Congrats on a job welldone!

  36. You have inspired me!! What a beautiful job. Thanks for the link for the vintage prints!


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