Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ocean View

Summer's here and I'm in the mood for all things beachy...except frizzy hair. Beachy reminds me that I've never given you folks a tour of the beachiest room in my house: the kids' room.

Sometimes I forget that I can blog about old home projects like this room, which we did 3 summers ago. While it's fun to take readers on a scenic tour of a new rehab or room makeover, the space people seem to love most in my little house is the ocean-themed bedroom where Blondie & Brownie reside. 

She is 8. He is 5. They'll continue to share this room until Cupcake is out of the nursery. Then the boys will bunk together here and Blondie will get a long-awaited room of her own.

It's hard to create a gender-neutral room that's fun...but IKEA worked it out. Blondie and I traveled to our nearest store and she chose this colorful ocean theme. You can't beat the prices: duvet covers & matching shams for $9.99. Seashell lights for $6. We got most everything we needed there. The rest we picked up at Target and Wal-Mart as our budget allowed.

Brownie's side:

{That clutter-covered behemoth is the Lego table. We don't have a play room or basement so all the toys are relegated to their bedroom.}

Blondie's side:

Those storage cubbies are their dressers. We purchased them at Target a while back. The rugs and chairs were purchased from Wal-Mart at the same time, gifts from my generous and loving-to-accessorize sister-in-law.

I must admit, it's a super fun kids' room, colorful and inspiring. One that invites kids to play and create and curl up under a giant leaf with a good book.

Ladybugs seem to love it too. About 200 of them flew to the sun and proceeded to die there. I have yet to give them a proper burial. {Notice the buggy shadow in the center of the sun.}

Of course it's not always this tidy. We cleaned it up for you because it looks much cuter when it's clean.

The closet, however, is another story.


  1. CUTE room!!! I love the sun. :) That's a big closet too. Fun colors...every kid's dream!

  2. LOVE IT!! And I'm so glad you showed us the closet b/c that is my reality. Lauren is so darned creative that her bedroom takes on various and sundry imaginary locations and the "sets" (as in movie sets, for lack of a better term) drive me CRAZY. Oh, well.

  3. Scooper,
    What a great room. You are so creative. I'm sure your kiddles love it and their friends do, too.
    I didn't know you had an IKEA close to you -- of course, close is relative, huh?
    love ya!

  4. What an awesome room! I love the idea of using the cubbies as dressers! So creative :)

  5. Girlfriend - that is one adorable room. :) And yes, our closets look much the same.


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