Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I Scored at the Nester's Yard Sale

When I saw the Nester's yard sale post this morning, I simply had to sit down and scrawl out a companion post because. Don't all of you inquiring minds want to know what I brought home?

Of course you do.

I had already planned to go visit Lily that weekend. How lucky that it was also the same weekend as the Nester and Emily's yard sale!

There were many treasures for a girl to take home but I was trying not to be too spendy.

Still, I have some fun loot to show you.

Here's my trunk loaded up with mine and Lily's stuff from the neighborhood sale.

And here's a random guy who jokingly asked if we wanted him in the picture. I jokingly said back to him, "Sure!" He took me seriously.

Okay, so here's what I bought at Nester and Emily's:

Some galvanized buckets to store library books and other junk...

Some cute new clothes...because they are such stylish sisters...

And clearly the most photogenic sisters on the planet, are they not?

Some bangles and baubles that they sold so cheap I felt like I was stealing. {This isn't even all of them}...

That cute brown purse you see in the top picture...

A little fur rug for Blondie's "dressing area..."

And a baggie of chandelier baubles, some of which you see here on the chandy I've been making for my girl. It's not quite finished but here's a sneak peek.

This chandy and The Nester go way back. Remember her swap-meet she held over a year ago? Well, Lily and I got to go and after the swap-meet concluded, there was still a table of unwanted items just waiting for a good home or the Goodwill. Lily convinced me to take home a plain white light fixture and told me to turn the sconces upside down so that they're pointing up, not down, and to remove the ugly frosted globes. {It is so wonderful to have an ever-resourceful best friend who has mad creative skillz. Seriously, she built a whole company with her creative self.}

This poor discarded chandy sat in my garage for over a year just waiting to light up Blondie's room. We've been stringing beads and blinging it up bit by bit. It is sparkly and delicious and best of all, it cost me a package of Wal-Mart beads and fishing line.

And speaking of the girl's room, Blondie has finally gotten one of her own and we've been slowly working on it since August. We're almost finished and I can't wait to show you how it turned out. It's like a candy store. I want to be her roommate...

{And Lily's and the Nester's and Emily's.}


  1. And Richella's! Okay?? I want to room with you and Lily and Nester and Emily. I know 5 is an odd number, but I'll sleep on the floor. :)

    Glad you had such a good time! That photo of the four of you is wonderful!

  2. We had such a fun time didn't we? Thank you for all your precious words. You always build me up to more than I am, and make me feel like a super-star. It always comes when I need it most too. What a wonderful BFF you are to me. :) Loved this post, and I can't wait to see M.'s room. Maybe it will finally inspire A. to want to change hers!!!

  3. I can't wait to see all of your great finds!! Do we get to stay in Blondie's candy store? See you next week

  4. What fun! What a busy day that was for me... I hated to have to miss. I would have loved to see you and Lily. Since I am teaching Bible study on Thursdays, I don't see her on Tuesdays anymore. We should have a little reunion next time you come visit! Blessings!

  5. Love, love, love the photos of you gals. All of you are so photogenic.
    Thanks for sharing your take aways from the Nester/Emily/Mom yard sale. You scored some great ones.

  6. Can emily and i be bffs with you and lily too? and kim?

  7. Great scores! I have that green tee with the birds flying out of the cage that I got at Goodwill.


    You all look so pretty and happy. So fun seeing familiar blog land faces together.

  8. I almost came, but I didn't sleep at all the night before and I was dragging. Now I wish I had come!!!

    So glad you had fun and scored some great things.

  9. You got great stuff! Love the galvanized buckets and I got that same bag (the one on top of the buckets you are holding in the picture) at a yard sale last year! I love it...get compliments on it all of the time :)

  10. Oh, this is just such a fun post and, seriously, you girls look like a fab four of thriftiness, craftiness, creativity, energy, and sisterhood. Glad you've got this one in your memory bank.


  11. Found you by way of the nester. So glad I did. Love the galvanized buckets! I know it had to be a fun yard sale, but 5 hours away was a little far for me. I enjoyed your post on perfectionism. I have never heard anyone describe it in the way you did, because my husband and I have realized that I am the same way. It is all or nothing, and really makes you seem like a lazy messie, but in reality, you are just trying to get it perfect. See my issue is my kids are all gone, and it is still that way for me. I too am taking steps to remedy the situation, and your post was encouragement. Jackie

  12. You went to The Nester's Yard Sale?!?!! How cool is that!

    My friend Gretchen from New Every Morning went too.

    If only I lived a little less in the South!!! What fun it looks like you had!


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