Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I never really know what I'm capturing as I click and adjust settings and bend in crazy positions that are too much for my old-lady knees. But I think the aperture fairy has smiled on me in the last month because I've taken some of my favorite pictures ever. Not because the lighting was great or I got the settings right but because I captured some priceless expressions of my favorite people.

{And because I am having writer's block and have written but not published four posts in the last month, I give you photos.}

A dusting of snow for Southerners is akin to the Apocalypse only happier and with less fire. Everything shuts down and we dust off our roasting pans because all of the stores have sold out of their 3 sleds. We had day after day of snowy, slushy fun around here.

I love this picture of The Man and Blondie with scared-half-to-death Cupcake sandwiched in between. I love it because Blondie looks so incredibly happy and I've never captured that kind of giddyness of hers on camera.

And I love it because my man is quirky and funny without ever trying to be. He is wearing running socks and golf shoes and khakis. In the snow. And he doesn't think there is anything unusual about this. I love him for many reasons but this quality of his is near the top.

Is DSS going to arrest me for loving this picture so much?

I don't usually photograph my loved ones when they're in the throes of despair but I couldn't help myself. Cupcake is having a big ol' fit because he wants somebody's sled. I see this face many times every day but never thought to get the camera. I'm so glad I did. He is the third child and I suppose that is why we laugh. There is not much we can take too seriously anymore.

And I felt like I was leaving Brownie out so I scrolled through and found this picture. I love it because he's in his jammies doing school and eating pineapple {his favorite fruit} and painting a picture of Marco Polo. I don't even remember taking this photo but it makes me cry happy tears.

I'm sure this looks and sounds as if our homeschool is idyllic and artsy, but I can assure you that Cupcake was probably in time-out for the fourth time and the rest of my house was certainly in disarray. I needed to see this photo because I've had the January homeschool blues and I tend to forget that we have actually enjoyed some really sweet moments of living and learning together, chaos and all.

Photos are such dear friends. They always provide perspective and help me to remember. And to laugh. And to cry.

But always, they help me find gratitude.


  1. You've given me some early morning smiles and even some laughing out loud! Great pics and post!


  2. cupcake is the best!!

  3. If photos can help you remember to be grateful, I'd say they're good friends indeed.

    I love this post! I think January homeschool blues must be pretty common. I remember so well the last year I homeschooled--the boys and I finally planned a Valentine's party for our little homeschooling group as a way to re-energize ourselves (not to mention as a way to get the house cleaned up). It worked! :)

  4. Now if you would just post the photo you captured on the streets of Paris...we thought it was lost for so long. I LOL everytime I see it. You always seem to get a crack at some great shots! ;)

  5. Having a contest.....
    Check it out. Love the pictures.....

  6. Oh these pictures are wonderful. It looks like you have captured some great memories! I love the sled one. It is great! I really like your blog.


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