Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys and Poo, the 8th Wonder of the World

The boys and I field-tripped to a goat farm today with some friends of ours. We could also refer to the event as Adventures in Poo. The sheer variety of excrement thrilled a posse of little boys to no end.

Brownie is seven but has long been peculiarly interested in the world of poo. Between the pot-bellied pig, roosters, chickens, goats, cats, horses and dogs, he delighted in a wonderful array of literal field samples.

Our sneakers bear witness.

We loved on huge, fluffy, herding dogs. Yes, that is the official name of the breed. Genus: Fluffy. Species: Herding Dog. My 7-year-old asked me, seriously, if it was a lion. Oh, I am a fine and upstanding homeschooler.

We also gazed upon all sorts of prize-winning goats. This one is due to give birth any day. Bless. Her. Heart. Clearly, you can't blame her for not wanting to be photographed.

The good news is that mama goats apparently lose their baby weight super fast. This one just had babies days ago! {That seems downright unfair. She's probably a celebrity goat who has a personal trainer and weight-loss pills at her disposal.}

Also? Baby goats start walking around within 30 minutes of being born. I was thanking the good Lord that my own babies did not do that. 

And though we oohed and ahhed over newborn goats, marveled at a 3-legged cat, sampled goat cheese and fudge, and tickled this ginormous pig with a chicken feather....

What did we talk about the entire way home?


Mommy, are flies the only animals that eat poo? Why do flies like poo? Did God make them to eat poo?

He went on to describe each animal's specific size and shape of poo and told me he is really, really interested in learning more about poo.

And after he queried about loftier subjects like how God made us from the dust of the earth and how, exactly, God made our eyeballs, we returned again to the topic of poo.

The world is just full of wonders, he sighed.

Yes, yes it is. And a certain little boy's fascination with the world of poo is certainly one of them for me.


{Tell me I'm not alone. For those of you with boys,
please reassure that all of this is within the range of normal.}


  1. I think it sounds perfectly normal. And hilarious.

    Our boys were watching a nature video and saw an animal giving birth. "MOM! THAT ANTELOPE HAD A BABY AND IT CAME OUT OF IT'S BOTTOM! IT LOOKED JUST LIKE SHE WAS POOPING! AND THEN THERE WAS A BABY!"

    Just wait till I tell them the rest of the story . . .

  2. I got a picture today from our brother. It was of his poo. It never ends.

  3. I was laughing hysterically. Then I read Aaron's comment. Now I'm just a mother in dismay!

    I guess you can just plan on this poo-wonderment to continue for at least 3 more decades, if your brothers are testament.

    But, I did find so much humor in your post. Please, please never stop writing.


  4. Oh funny! You're are not alone, and if my dear husband is any proof they don't grow out of it! Just life with boys!

  5. OK, this was not a good post for me to read while on a public library computer! I had to control my laughter and not disturb the other patrons! Absolutely hilarious! Thanks for giving me a laugh!

    Becky Higgins

  6. I recently read an article about a pastor at a church in SC that relates poo to sin to encourage more conversations. The church sign says "Poo Happens" and "Don't Play With Poo.". Maybe you should take the boys for a visit! love your blogs!

  7. Maybe they can channel all the amazement into being proctologists someday and make a lot of money and buy you a chalet in Paris!!

    Boys are so funny! I loved the picture of the dog "lion" cute!!

    Amy S

  8. Oh dear girl, not only is poo the topic of conversations here but so are all bodily functions as well as puberty now. Lord, help me, I signed up for pregnancy, diapers and breast feeding, not this! Hair where? No, you MUST be kidding. One said "I shall shave mine". Mom came back with "Let me know how that works for ya!"
    Who'd a thunk it!?

  9. There is no end to the wonder that is the world of boys, is there? I'm thinking that we should be really grateful that they find joy in the oddest of--hmmm--circumstances.

    Actually, I've found that the fascination with excrement has faded for my guys over the years. I guess I have that to be grateful for, as well! :)

  10. no! you are not alone! oh the conversations of poo we have had in our household!!

  11. As the mom of a 16 year old boy.....YOUR BOYS ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL!

    It's actually called "scat," by nature lovers and scientists....the study of which is useful for tracking animals and their diet. The 16 yr old, has always been fascinated by scat. (We once spent hours studying the scat exhibit at a state fair!) Boys rarely outgrow their fascination. The subject still comes up at the supper table, and at museums where they sell paper made from elephant "poo." (The word "poo" makes it more marketable--go figure.) All bodily functions and noises are also fair game. However, as they grow older, they tend not to tell you as much.....what happens on a camp out, stays on a camp out---at least some of the time. Here's a link to more on animal scat. Your boys will love it, and you can turn it into science, geography, and God's amazing creation lessons-scat was how people tracked and hunted animals, in the days before we bought our meat in the grocery store. God did indeed create scat, for a reason. Thank you for the sweet laughter and memories your blog induced! May the Lord richly bless your efforts as you teach about every aspect of His creation.!!!

  12. That is so funny, sounds like you have an inquisitive young man there:) Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  13. I think you might love this book :)
    The World of Poo by Terry Pratchett


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