Monday, May 30, 2011

Flower Power: Embellished Lampshade

Creativity clears the mind. So in an effort to clear my own, I indulged in a bit of fabric flower deliciousness on Saturday.

I drooled over the positively adorable flower tutorials that the lovely Emily, from Jones Design Co., offered several weeks ago during her "flower week." I couldn't wait to fire up the hot glue gun and get in on some flower fun of my own. Now that school is over, I'm dying to to get my craft on.

I made lots of fun flowers but here's one to share for today.

I followed her great tutorial and made a giant flower to embellish this sad, lackluster lamp. The base I've had and the shade was a $2 or $3 number from Ikea.

I think it's super cute. I hot-glued a few beads to the center. Now I can't help smiling every time I walk past it.

Sort of makes me want to add ginormous flowers to every plain thing within sight.

See how layery and dimensional it is?

Embellishment can become habit-forming.

Go check out all of Emily's great and simple tutorials for everything from fabric flowers to embellished tees. She's a genius.


  1. Very cute! I've got a few projects up my sleeve now that we're just about done with school-excited to have a bit of time on my hands!

  2. lovely....time to come to my house and do some decorating...REALLY!
    i wish i had my scrapbook stuff with me as we are winding down school.


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