Tuesday, November 29, 2011



I don't remember when the prayers began but once they did, they never ceased. Neither did the questions. 

Mommy, when? 

Have you talked to Daddy any more? 

Do you think it will be before my next birthday? 

How much is a fence? I can save up and pay for it. 

How much are shots? You can take it out of my money. 

For years this child has begged for a dog, this child who relates as well to furry friends as she does to human ones. 

My husband thought it would be a phase. But she is nearly 11 and this phase has been going strong for a good 6 years. One of her favorite pastimes is thinking of names for animals she doesn't even have. 

I told her time and again why pets are a huge responsibility, how they are messy and expensive and rude, leaving their fur and slobber all over the place, chewing up shoes and furniture and then having the nerve to jump up in your lap and lick your face. 

I might as well have been speaking into the wind. 

My husband and I knew we had already lost the battle. It was simply a question of when we would wave the white flag of surrender. In my heart I felt we were getting close.

The day before Thanksgiving we made our annual trek to the flea market. You know that's a post in and of itself. We always see puppies at the flea market. And bunnies. And chickens. And pork rinds. 

But we happened upon a table with three sweet pups and the nicest owners. Their mama dog had an emergency C-section to deliver these bundles. A feeling came over me almost immediately. This is the one. I took their card and told them I'd call.

Four days after holding this furry bundle at the flea market, Blondie held her very own puppy in the van as we drove home. 

We stopped at the store while I ran in for special food and puppy pads and a leash. A leash. What in the world are we doing? I thought. An animal that poops and pees and barks is going to live in my house. In. My. House.

I realize that a dog is a normal, everyday thing that lots of people {who are not us} have and it's no big deal. 

But Jetta is a big deal to us and to me.

It's a crazy miracle, how overnight I have gone from someone who held animals at arms length to someone who loves this furry, four-legged thing that slides all over our hard-wood floors in the cutest way and looks up at me with those black marble eyes and head tilted just so. 

She has wriggled her way into hearts that already felt full and made room for more love. 

The Man and I, we find ourselves giggling and sighing. Over a dog. She has made our already complete family somehow feel even more complete, a four-legged gift I didn't even know we needed. 

As for Blondie, well, she finally got an answer to those persistent prayers of hers. A Thanksgiving gift, an early Christmas present, and a best friend, all rolled into one precious package.


{For inquiring minds, Jetta is a Miniature Schnauzer, 6 weeks old. Her name means "black gem."}


  1. :) not a dog person .... became one for my kids. Loved this .

    Merry Christmas to you guys!


  2. Such a cutie! (puppy & kid!) We have a similar breed and as soon as we got him, I wondered what we ever did before he came along! Almost 10 years old now and I just love him! Good luck!

  3. I have to admit I have a soft spot for puppies and kittens. My kids never had to beg much.

  4. Congrats on the new member of the family! I have had pets and I have had "furry members of the family" - hopefully Jetta will be the latter for you and yours. :) Makes the slobber a lot cuter! :)

  5. So glad you took the plunge. Sparky has been the best thing in our lives. We love her to death. Tripp and I were just talking about what we'll do 6 years from now when she's 11 and getting up there in age for a dog. How to replace one who is so special.
    There isn't a way.
    God will take care of it. But D will only be 13 around that time and the boys will all still be home. Oh, God.....let her live a healthy 20 years!!!!
    Love you girl....

  6. It warms your heart to see your child snuggle up with their pet! There are years of precious moment ahead between Mallory and Jetta! The fact that she had to wait makes Jetta all the more special. I am sad that we won't be able to meet her at Christmas!

  7. Oh, Jetta is beyond adorable! I couldn't help but smile (and sigh) as I read this post. I kept thinking this is one more thing our girls have in common. When Abby began praying for a dog we said no because we didn't have a fence. Now, she prays for a fence! :). Looking forward to hearing about the many adventures of Jetta!

  8. We have a mini schnauzer also. Best behaved, smartest, and sweetest dog we've ever had. :) Have fun!

  9. Oh, my gosh. I missed this post. And I nearly missed out on one of my favorite things (perhaps I should write a favorite things post!): PUPPY PICTURES!!

    Scooper, she's darling. And I know you've got one happy daughter. You also have messes and expenses, yes. But dog love? That's priceless.



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