Friday, January 13, 2012

On Guilty Pleasures, the Golden Globes, and Licking One's Arms

I take a break from my regularly scheduled series on simplicity {see here and here} and throw off the shackles of seriousness. 

It's Friday and I'm anticipating the Golden Globes entirely too much and my brain has checked out. Current thoughts are simply a glittery stew of Ricky Gervais, sequins, and fake eyelashes. So you can imagine my delight when Flower Patch Farmgirl's "Current Snapshot" post showed up in my Reader, complete with an invitation to join in. 

I'm a joiner, so here it goes:

current guilty pleasure: Lindt Dark Chocolate with a hint of Sea Salt bar

current nail color: Bare {because that's the way they stay}

current playlist: Sara Groves Add to the Beauty {It's the soundtrack of my life right now.}

current read(s): Gospel by J.D. Greear, Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider, Miniature Schnauzers: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual {complete with the scariest dog ever on the cover!}, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets {reading to my older two kids} and The Tale of Peter Rabbit {every. single. day. to my 4-year-old. He's terrified of Mr. McGregor.}

current drink: Starbucks Italian Roast

current food: tricked-out salads {spinach with black beans, cheddar, avocado, tomatillo salsa, sour cream, and crunched-up tortillas or this one that FPFG posted about earlier this week. I've made it twice this week and it rocks the palate.}

current favorite show: Live with Kelly. 

current wish list: a sectional from Costco, a Kitchen Aid blender {My blender broke and while I'm lovin' on a Blendtec, it costs half as much as the sectional!}, an Orla Kiely purse {I've wanted one for years but I think it's just not meant to be. Still, that funky-print matte laminate calls to me.}

current needs: energy

current triumphs: running at 5:45 a.m. If it didn't keep me sane-ish I wouldn't do it. Also? Eating at least 4 times a day for the last 6 days. Who knew that food could make you less tired? It's a miracle. 

current bane of my existence: taking the dog out in the rain. 

current celebrity crush: Kelly Ripa {we can have a BFF crush, right?}

current indulgence: Body Shop's Morrocan Rose Body Butter. I want to lick my arms. 

current blessing: solitude and quiet

current outfit: running pants and an Old Navy fleece from the thrift store

current excitement: Golden Globes this Sunday, y'all. Giddy up.

current mood: headachey {Is that a mood?}

current link: My igoogle homepage. It's configured with little boxes that show my e-mail, my Google Reader, news, celebrity pics, word of the day, etc. You can customize the background and gadgets and everything. I love it! It's all my favorite stuff at a glance.

So there you go. How glamourous and riveting am I with the thrifted Old Navy fleece and Costco furniture dreams? You can see why a girl like me needs some Golden Globes in her life. 

Who else out there is just a tad bit excited about the Globes? It's okay, you can tell me. This is a safe place.


  1. It's not the Golden Globes that I'm anticipating. It's your next post. I simply love to read what you write.


  2. There is a blender in my laundry room that is calling your name. Should we send it to you?

  3. Love!!! I need energy, too. Or sleep. One or the other would be great.

    Also - HOW did that old GG post of mine pop up on its own? And so timely! Are GGs this weekend? I had no clue! Apparently my dashboard knew.

    Thanks for playing, Scoop!

  4. Squee!!!! I can't tell you how much I am anticipating the Golden Globes - it's the Superbowl of Hollywood amazingness. If only we could get them to have live cameras on the tables the entire night, especially once the champagne gets flowing. No lie, I would pay serious money to see that. Imagine...the Kiebler and Jolie chatting it up (what in the world would they talk about???)while George and Brad talk $#%! about the other Sexiest Men Alive in the room?! Wouldn't you LOVE to have a hidden mic at those tables??
    My vote is for the Fassy, but I know it will prob be George or Brad. Major eye candy is coming our way on Sunday! ;)


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