Friday, February 10, 2012

Dish: Mustachio, Graeter's Ice-Cream, & Preschool Picasso

I'm still here. I've just been absent. And eating Graeter's ice cream. In the morning. Before I've even had a proper breakfast.

I have plenty of oh-so-important things to say but I'll start fresh with all of that next week.

Until then, I have some different oh-so-important stuff to dish about.

Mini-MLK, Jr.

My 2nd grader was Martin Luther King Jr. for the "Famous African-Americans Wax Museum" in his class. He was so excited. Once his ensemble was put together, I did not have the heart to tell him that his hairstyle {which he re-coifs after I've fixed it...much to my chagrin} plus the last-minute mustache I scribbled on looks a bit more like Hitler than MLK Jr. {Now there's an irony of historical characters.} 

The kids in his class were so cute. They all stood in costume, posed and completely silent, in front of their tri-fold boards for an hour. There was a tiny Jessie Owens and itty-bitty Michelle Obama {her blonde hair poking out from under her big wig.} And I just wanted to hug little Ruby Bridges and mini Rosa Parks {both sets of them} and thank them for being so brave.

But that would have been weird for them. So I just had to behold their irresistible cuteness and restrain myself.

As for my mini MLK, Jr., the eye-liner'd mustache remained on his 8-year-old lip for the remainder of the day, earning him the fantastic moniker, "Mustachio Mo." He hopes it sticks forever. His friends at school think that the Mo is awesome and asked if his mom would paint on another one tomorrow.


In other news, my favorite ice cream ever, Graeter's, has arrived at my local Publix. The Man and I became fans of Graeter's, a "French-pot" ice-cream, when we lived in Lexington, Kentucky years ago. We could actually walk to the Graeter's shop. Oh how we took those delicious days for granted. 

Well, last year my extended family discovered that the Kroger in Hilton Head carries Graeter's and we went through 20+ pints on vacation last year. Don't judge unless you've tasted it. If 20-something pints is wrong, I don't want to be right. I would say "all things in moderation." But there's really nothing moderate about that many pints. 

So I predict that 2012 may be the year of big and broke. At $5.39 a pint and with heavy cream as a heavy hitter on the ingredients list, I am done for. But I also feel as though I can weather whatever storm comes my way now that Graeter's is within arm's reach. It's like sweet, creamy, frozen insurance.


Cupcake, mon petit artiste in residence, has branched out. Deciding that Sharpie Monet was way amateur, he's moved on to acrylics. Last Friday morning we went to Wal-Mart and got ourselves some art supplies. I painted a canvas. He painted a canvas. We totally bonded in our creative arts.

I oohed and aahed over his masterpiece. And then when I wasn't looking, he moved the party to the wall. In our foyer.

And I had no words. I still don't. My walls are literally evolving into an art gallery with permanent exhibits.

Which got me thinking...

I bought some empty frames at Goodwill to create a gallery in the foyer. The kids are at the ages where they make such great stuff and Blondie is turning into a bona fide artist with her oil-pasteled horses sketched still-lifes {"still-lives" if it's plural? That looks wrong}. Plus I resolved to make and display more art in my house this year. I saw this on Pinterest and am going to give it a try.


Speaking of Pinterest, my friend is a self-professed Pinaholic and has joked that we need to change her password so she doesn't whittle away hours on end, day after day. I told her she needs a Pintervention. Totally cracked my self up over that one. If someone else has already thought of it, don't tell me. I have a deep need to feel inventive.

So that's the dishworthy stuff around here. I hope to get deep-ish again next week. {I should call that "deep dish." Still cracking myself up.}

Have a great weekend and if you are one of my local peeps, do not buy up all the Graeter's. 


  1. Pinterverntion. Hilarious. I like that gallery wall. Now I'll have to pin it.
    I have to say, I've never really been a big ice cream person. Unless of course we're talking about a Magnum bar (do they hove those in the States?) and then it's on.

  2. I have heard all about Graeters from all the southerners, and here, it is from Ohio.....still have yet to try it (but maybe it would cause a ruckus on my bladder).

    I saw MLK Jr. at the wax museum, and yes, I am laughing at the Hitler scenerio! (was I the only mom who deeply contemplated, but felt embarrased to ask if it should darken the skin (with a spray tan or paint, etc) or if I didn't (and let the paste white, toe head rock it like Jesse Owens). I didn't know which was more offensive, oh well........Jordan

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  4. Matt and Emily also introduced us to their love of Graeter's, and I must say that even as a lactose intolerant person, some things are just worth suffering for later! Glad you've got some close to you now. Enjoy!

  5. How funny. I may die this year at HHI. I just can't handle the junk food like I once could. Sad, but true. It is however helping my waistline shrink. Miss you!

  6. Graeters is definitely worth every penny and every calorie! I find it better to buy it at a shop (I'm blessed enough to live in Ohio!), so that I don't have to stare down all those nasty "nutrition" facts on the side of the container. Just give me mine in a chocolate dipped waffle cone, thank you, and I'll pretend that it counts as my dairy for the day. : )

  7. Did you know they closed the stores in Lexington?! So sad.

  8. Graeter's . . . the best.
    MLK, Jr (as portrayed by Brownie) . . . an image I will hold forever.
    All that artwork . . . methinks you should just put some empty frames around Blondie's wall art.
    Your writing and the awesome humor . . . give me more!



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