Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dish: Cone of Shame, Science Fair, & What I'm Reading / Watching

I haven't dished in a while so I thought I'd chat a bit about what's going on here, besides spring and sunshine and warmth and daffodils. God bless the south. This time of year reminds me of why we live here. It almost makes up for the fire ants and oppressive humidity come July.


Jetta was spayed yesterday. "Spay" seems far too polite a term for a COMPLETE HYSTERECTOMY ON A 6-MONTH OLD. Poor girl. We have all been in near tears over the ordeal. I know it's for the best but it seriously felt like I was taking my real baby in to have her ovaries and uterus removed and the whole thing still feels wrong and unnatural. {One of the many reasons I never became a vet.} My husband has been walking around singing, Girl, you'll be a woman soooooon....

When we got the post-op report, our vet told us that Jetta is a very sensitive girl and that she started crying as soon as she came out of surgery. I nearly died. Thankfully, our vet is a big believer in pain meds and she ordered sweet Jetta-girl another serious narcotic and a sedative. Stat. 

Three different people at the office told us she is just the sweetest dog but "very sensitive." My daughter, taking advantage of my grief, almost talked me into one of those $50 Martha Stewart pet beds. After all the poor pup had endured, we felt she should be able to convalesce in comfort and style. Luckily I came to my senses and it's a good thing. We got home and made her a cushy bed using an old pillow and comforter. Which she promptly peed upon.

After a groggy and whiny evening, she is hobbling along a bit better today but hating the "cone of shame." She keeps bumping into the furniture and walls and oh, it is going to be a long 10 days. I remind myself that all of this is nothing compared to the ordeal of her getting knocked up by a neighborhood dog, having an emergency c-section, and costing us thousands. 

I've been thinking about how pets are a lot like children. You think they'll be easier than they really are. You think they'll cost less than they really do. They're messy and rascally and ruin your stuff. I find myself muttering cuss words under my breath one minute and holding her like a baby the next. She is essentially our fourth child, only hairier.  


In other news, our real children are still faring well in school. They love it actually. And I couldn't be happier about that. It would be hard on a mama if they were sad and homesick and miserable. They love being with friends, they love their teachers, they enjoy telling us what they're learning, and they think their school is just the best. I do realize that this could all turn on a dime but for now, I am simply grateful. 

Crazy Birds

For the second spring in three years, a mama bird has built a nest in the wreath on our front door. The front door! The one that slams open and shut all day long with the hustle and bustle of noisy kids. A friend of mine said, I doubt she'll stay. Birds don't really like crazy. But lo and behold, she laid her eggs and has settled right in. She even flew into our house last week and perched on the mantle. No lie. It's like Wild Kingdom around here. 

Yard Sale

And to make things even wilder, we're having a big ol' yard-sale Saturday. I am purging my house in the biggest way and putting it all in the garage but the house still looks just as full! I don't understand. I have a theory that clutter breeds in the closets and cabinets when you're not looking. So, the purge continues and I'm saving up my pennies for something special. I'll let you know if it all pans out.

Reads and TV

I finished the Hunger Games trilogy recently. Loved the books and cannot wait to see the movie. Right now I'm reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant , as well as A Praying Life and a re-read of Grace for the Good Girl. I don't watch much TV anymore but The Man and I are riveted to Downton Abbey, the most brilliant thing I've watched in a long time. 

So that's the scoop around here. What about you? Any great reads or shows? Are you having a yard sale or hosting a nest of crazy birds on your front stoop? Do tell. 


  1. This was an awesome post. You should link it up to Random Thoughts Tuesday. You can find the link on my RTT post.

    Your poor sweet pup! Indy saw the photo over my shoulder and said "Awww, it's wearing the cone of shame!" When our dog Pepper (1996-2010) had to be spayed I cried like a baby. Our vet was really good about giving her pain meds, but still!
    LOL about your dh's singing and your daughter trying to get you to buy the bed out of guilt.

  2. It is so great to hear all that you are doing!! Poor Jetta! She will probably survive better than all of you. Mallory so reminds me of Lance standing beside his "weather project" Mrs. Rueckert still talks about that. (his 5th grade teacher) As for Downton Abbey, I didn't miss an episode. I absolutely love those historical series. Think I may get the book that it was taken from.

  3. Started laughing when I read "peed upon" . . . still laughing! I just don't think I've seen those two words used together EVER!

    Great post! Keep dishing.


  4. I love this glimpse of your life. And yes, that poor dog. I'm sure she'll thank you for it later, right?

    We just finished season two of Downton, I lost some sleep getting through it but it was oh so worth it. It makes me desperately wish for a ladies maid though. It'd make getting ready for church so much easier, don't you think? My husband even said "man, you ladies have it rough these days." I said, "darn right we do!"

    And The Red Tent, my friend recommended it to me... I want to read it!

  5. LOVED The Hunger Games trilogy!! I SUPER love Downton Abbey. LOVE. IT.

    I hope your garage sale goes well!

    Heather S.

  6. "It's like the WIld Kingdom around here." Oh, I laughed when I read this post! (And I also heard the Mutual of Omaha jingle playing in my mind, but that's because I'm old!)

    Poor Jetta. I'm so sorry for her pain--but you're right; it is for the best. Pups are definitely part of your family, aren't they?

    I'm so glad the kids are enjoying school! :)

  7. A) Thrilled the kids are loving school! I know this has to be the most wonderful relief and comfort.
    B) I loved "The Red Tent." It's been years, but the memories are fond and powerful.
    C) Poor angel puppy. :(
    D) I hope you're well, sweet woman! Spring is such a panacea. :)

  8. E) HOW COULD I FORGET DOWNTON?!?! There are times when television comes through, and quits sucking.... just ever so often, for brief hours at a time, but when it happens, it is amazing. Have you seen these!?



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