Thursday, May 3, 2012

When Your Craft Projects Become Subliminal Messages

I've had virtually no creative inspiration these last few months. Being tired will do that to you. But earlier this week I got together with a friend for the purpose of catching up and doing something crafty. She recently had a baby and we did a super cute modge-podge and cardboard letters project. It was so adorable and easy that I made a bee line to Hobby Lobby to make some creative letter art of my own.

I am lazy and wanted to do the least amount of letters possible. I chose EAT.

The area above my sink formerly displayed some plates but I grew tired of them. Then it displayed nail holes from the plates I'd grown tired of. Anything is a big improvement. 

Here's the quickie tutorial. My friend was inspired by her project on Pinterest but I don't have the link. I usually do the slacker shortcut amateur version of a tutorial anyway.

First, go get your letters and scrapbook paper. Hobby Lobby has thick chunky cardboard ones that are about 8 inches high, thinner mdf letters that are probably 10-12 inches high {which is what I chose} or giant chunky cardboard ones. Those were my favorite but they were too big for my space. By the way, the letters are 30% off this week and the paper is 50% off.  

Paint the sides of the letters. I used acrylic craft paint. 

Trace your letters onto the back side of scrapbook paper.

Cut out the letters {I used scissors. No fancy cutters here.}

The next part was trial and error for me. I found that my paper tended to bubble and not stick, so I used a light coat of spray adhesive, stuck the paper on the letters, and then modge-podged over the top

It's not perfect and there's still a bit of bubbling, but anyone who is fussy enough to pull up a ladder and criticize my bubbly letters is probably no friend of mine anyway.

There are probably better ways to hang one's letters but I whipped out the top two favorite craft supplies in my limited arsenal: upholstery tacks and hot glue. It made the process of hanging them evenly super easy. 

Here's a close-up of the finished project.

And there you go. 

My friend stopped in to admire the handiwork and told me that she can't hang an EAT sign in her house. "Why?" I asked. "Because it's like a subliminal message. I'll just do what the sign says and eat." Well I thought that was silly and odd and laughed it off.

The next night I made this for dinner. {Let's all just pause for a moment and thank the Lord for Pinterest.}

Double pans of homemade enchiladas. Two different varieties! Chicken in one pan and black bean / zucchini in another. With a green chile cream sauce. All five of us stuffed ourselves on these enchiladas.

Coincidence? Perhaps not. 

My next sign will read "RUN." 


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  1. Fantastic! Funny! Fruitful! Fabulous!

    Love you forever,

  2. E-mail me the recipe for the enchiladas!! Sounds like a July 4th recipe we can use.


  3. Hi. Love it. U r miss creative!

  4. My family would love for me to hang a sign in my kitchen that says, "Cook!"

    By all means, yes, let's pause and thank the Lord for Pinterest! What did we ever do before it?

  5. I love this project, Scooper, and I love the title of your post. :) Now, are you seriously going to do the same thing with RUN?

    Now my wheels are turning. . . I find myself thinking I should think of a short word that I need to read over and over. Let me tell you, it's probably not going to be "eat," although that's perfect for a kitchen as well as very cool and fashionable. . . but since I'm not getting much exercise these days, I don't think I could afford the subliminal message!

  6. Oh, I should have clarified--I'm not getting a lot of exercise right now because of plantar fasciitis. Bummer. Not to mention big bum.

    Thanks so much for linking to Grace at Home!

  7. I love your turned out super cute. I have "give thanks" above my sink. Some friends think it hasn't been changed since thanksgiving...and they are right! No time or energy! :) Visiting from imparting grace.


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