Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Watching my flower girl walk down the aisle as a grown-up bride.

Watching my children splash their toes in the same lake where my husband splashed as a little boy. 

Watching the family fireworks show.

Watching my niece, Bree, now a big one-year-old, clap her hands and smile a thousand smiles. She's a miracle.

Watching my newest nephew wrinkle up his precious newborn face, curl into that precious newborn bundle, and not give his parents enough precious shut-eye.

Watching my feverish youngest child throw up mid-way through our long trip home as I frantically searched for a plastic bag. Which I never found. 

{Photos unavailable. You're welcome.}

Watching with disbelief and suppressed laughter {because what else can you do} as we hosed down a car seat, seat belt, blanket, and youngest child in a dilapidated manual car wash while my oldest child cried hysterically at the horrible-ness of it all and my middle child sympathetically comforted the sick one with encouragement and words of affirmation. It was classic. 

Life is beautiful, emotional, nostalgic, and sometimes disgusting. 

Happy July. : )


  1. This is so great!! Thank you for sharing these precious moments-- How incredible to capture them!


  2. Oh too funny. I'm still laughing! I can just see "your oldest". She would be just like my oldest. Freaking out!!
    Thanks for sharing, but not the photos.
    love you

  3. It is so wonderful reliving precious moments in your life. It is also wonderful being a part of some of them. Thank you so much for sharing them. Love, Debbi

  4. cutest flower girl dresses ever

    cutest baby nephew :)

    and sooo sorry to hear your little one got sick.

    in the car. :(


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