Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bloggiversary: Celebrating Four Years of Talking 'Bout My Crazy

Today I visited a web-site that turns your blog into a printed book. I feel like I need a hard copy of all these posts and photos just in case the internet blows up. As I perused the last four years of posts, I realized that my bloggiversary came and went without so much as a celebratory balloon or slice of cake.

When I began "writing" in this space, it wasn't to write; it was simply to share. Simple, un-important sharing. Recipes, photos, funny stories, hack-job crafting and decorating. I was in the throes of homeschooling when I began the blog and I think a la mode was my escape hatch, a space where I could find a bit of creativity and community amid days of phonics and diapers.

Gradually the recipes disappeared and I realized that what I really loved was the writing. 

That's still what I really love. 

I'm blessed to have such lovely and kind readers. Thank you for reading and commenting on everything from laundry to lament, mini-vans to marriage, school at home to school at {actual} school. You're a blessing to me and you help me feel a little less crazy...or at the very least, a little less alone in my crazy. 

Sometimes I think I should change the title of my blog from a la mode to Talking 'Bout My Crazy. We all know that's totally what I do here.

So in the spirit of reflection, here are four of my favorite posts from the past year, crazy and all. Apparently these were some of your favorite too.


  1. happy blogiversary! i'm so glad you share your crazy! make me know i'm not alone! : )

  2. Girl....I just love you and all your crazies!!! That name change gets one vote from me! Your writing is a gift from God. Whether or not you ever publish a book (i think you have one in you, as well as that inner artist), this "blog book" shows your hunger for what's on the other side of the veil, while still waiting on the shores. Now go eat some of those cupcakes for breakfast and celebrate 4 years (and eat a few for me, you know how I have been "robbed" in the breakfast dept.) Happy 4!....jordan

  3. I have been absent from blog reading for a while. Yours was the first I decided to catch up on. I love how you write and how you touch my heart in deep places. I've missed you! So, did you get your blog printed into a book? If so, how do you like it? I love the idea of having a hard copy. I have made several beautiful coffee-table books for bloggers that showcase the author, the photos, and the writing. A very cook keepsake, indeed. Blessings!


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