Monday, October 1, 2012

October Plans

Last year I wrote about the Real for 31 days. It was such a rewarding experience and those posts are still some of my favorite. 

I'd hoped to do a 31 days topic again this October. My topic? 31 Days of Rethinking Rest. After all, it's kind of what I've been doing since January.

I had a long list of post ideas but the more I thought about the discipline and energy of writing for 31 days, gratifying though it is, the more it felt counterintuitive. Because of where I am in this season of intentional rest, I felt that 31 days of writing about rest wouldn't really be restful, that it would subtract from my meager well instead of adding to it.

But I'll still be writing about rest, you can be sure. Writing is very much how I process, reinterpret, share, and regain perspective. I simply won't be writing about it every day.

Instead, I'm really enjoying reading some of my favorite bloggers' 31 days posts while I sit on the sofa. And rest.  

I'm also hoping that October blows in crisp breezes of creativity. Yesterday I finished up a lovely project that I've worked on in tiny snippets for weeks now. It involves my kids, art, and a bunch of empty frames I've been stockpiling. It turned out even lovelier than I'd hoped and reaffirmed how much I love living with art. 

Details to come...

In the meantime, go treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte and greet October with hopeful anticipation.

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  1. I love this, and in my resting season I totally get that. Less is more right now, less is more!


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