Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Merry Little Christmas Home

Today I'm linking up with none other than the Nester for her Christmas Tour of Homes. 

2013 christmas tour of homes

I love her and gospel of imperfection. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, you know. You do know that, right? 

Whenever I feel stressy or fussy about something with my house, her little voice begins singing in my head and I feel better. {Do you like how I just turned the Nester into a tiny Mary Poppins house whisperer that travels around in my head?} 

Moving on before things get weirder. 

But let me first say this. I'm all about using what I have. Greenery leftover from the bottom of the tree. Earthen crocks emptied of dried hydrangeas and filled with evergreen. Starfish as Christmas stars instead of summer beachy decor. White cardstock circle-punched and hot-glued onto string. You get the idea.

My pictures aren't perfect but then neither is my home. What you don't see are duffle bags in the living room and dishes in the sink and the toilet that's broken in the kids' bathroom. I could go on. But that's kind of the point. If I apologize for the imperfection, I apologize for the real life that we live here each and every day.

Christmas comes whether everything's ready and perfect or not. I say bring it.

On with the tour...


I swapped out our usual kids' gallery artwork for their Christmas creations of years past. Sometimes it pays to be a sentimental hoarder.

My very sentimental nativity, a wedding gift from my dear mother-in-law. In all these years, all we've managed to break is the donkey's left ear.

Bay-leaf garland and fun lights, both treasures from the Pottery Barn outlet's 75% off clearance 10+ years ago.

Jesse Tree ornaments from Ann Voskamp's book, The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas.

Glitter initial compliments of the Walmart ornament aisle. $1.57. 

Paper-punched garland. 

Furry scarf turned garland. 

Clippings from the tea olive bushes in the front yard.

From our merry little home to yours, may grace and peace be yours this Christmas.


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  1. Your festive home is beautiful! I've been hoarding Christmas crafts since 2002 when my oldest went to preschool-best decorations ever!

  2. Scooper,
    Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas home with us.
    May you and yours have a blessed Christmas.
    Hugs xoxox


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