Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost Famous

(Warning: shameless self-promotion and tooting of my own horn follows...)

I recently started reading an outrageously hilarious blog. I found June on the Nester's blogroll and I was hooked from the first post I read. Anyhoo, I mustered up the courage to comment on her star-sightings post. And you'll never believe this...

My comment was her comment of the week! There is only one explanation for this: June and I have the same very odd sense of humor.  (Or I hacked into June's blog and deleted all the other comments.)

Anyway, don't worry about me because if you read my last post, you know that my acceptance speech is already written.


  1. I LOVE JUNE!!!!!!

    Stalked her when I thought she was living in LA, found out she moved to my state, met her for lunch, then she moved to my sister's town. June and Marvin came over to Emily's with both our families the day after thanksgiving and I adore them! I even found her house becasue I'm such a stalker.


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