Friday, January 2, 2009

little ol' me?

(Cupcake thanking me for his new if he would just sleep through the night in it.)

Yesterday I got a mysterious call from my brother. He asked if I had visited Nesting Place in the last couple of days. I had not. He urged me to immediately check it out and call him back. (He and his lovely wife love the Nester's ideas almost as much as I do.) And what did my wondering eyes behold? A big ol' shout out from the Nester ya'll! My $10 vintage nursery was featured on her recent Bird Watching post. My stomach had butterflies. My face felt flushed. It was like I was in 7th grade sitting alone in the cafeteria and the popular girl with the cutest clothes came up and told me she loved my outfit. 

So now I feel motivated to keep up the cute outfits...I mean cheap and chic projects. Thanks to all of you wonderful new bloggy friends who left such sweet compliments! 


  1. He is so cute! What a sweet boy, giving his mommy thank you sugars!!!!

  2. Love the nursery . . . you know that! But this pic of that precious little one tops it all! Thanks for the photo op from the frozen north.


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