Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last night I snuggled tight with Brownie in his bunk. It was late, time for tucking in and prayer. And make it quick, I thought, because I will soon fall asleep and there is still a sticky, piled-up kitchen yet to clean.

The prayer was much the same as I've heard before. Thankfulness for the day, please no bad dreams tonight. And then, it was different...

Thank you for your commandments and help me to obey and help me to be perfect.

The air went out of me.

I asked myself a million questions all at once. What have I done wrong? I rarely even utter the word "perfect." Our church doesn't preach perfect.

Yet somehow, in his almost six years here on Earth, he has believed a lie: perfection is possible. It is, in fact, the goal.

He finished the prayer and I scrambled to recover, grasping for magical mommy words to snuff out the lie.

Baby, there was only One who was perfect. Please don't ever think we expect you to be perfect. All the trying in the world won't make you perfect. It's why we need Jesus.

And then I told the same thing to myself.


  1. good that you were there to initiate that conversation!!! A teaching time indeed for all who read! Isn't it easy to believe the lie that "if only" then we could be pleasing and perfect????

  2. Great reminder. You handled that wonderfully. Such an easy lie to believe, isn't it? Blessings, sweet lady.

  3. Goodness, it makes you think about all the times you "have so much to do" that you DON'T stop and just sit, visit, read & play with your kids. And all the teachable moments you miss... Thank you for sharing.

  4. aw, sweet boy. Sweet mama. Thank goodness we don't have to be perfect. :)

  5. There's no "like" button here like on Facebook, and I need one! LOL Your words were wonderful.

  6. Scooper. Oh, I'm glad I came here today.

    I've been behind. Behind on blogging, behind on reading, behind on just about everything. So I hadn't been here in awhile. I just read the posts I had missed, and I find myself wanting to leave a comment on every single one. I'll refrain, for they'd all pretty much say the same thing:


    Yes. You capture the thoughts of a mom's heart. Of a woman's heart. Of my heart. And you do it so well. I am grateful.


  7. Oh! My breath would have gone out as well. What a sweet boy, and a sweet mama for helping him understand.

  8. Oh my, what a sweet post...thank you for sharing such a tender moment between mama & son...great reminder to all of us!

    Enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend!
    ~Michelle :)
    (Treasure the Moment)


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