Monday, May 3, 2010

Crazy Nest, Part Two

We have babies. When I found out, the miracle literally halted me in my tracks. I couldn't stop smiling. My husband sent a photo text while I was out shopping. He was just as shocked by the birdy miracle as I was.

New life is powerful like that.

Birdies hatch every day all over the world but when it happened on my front door, suspended in a basket hanging on a $2 wreath hook, well...I still can't stop thinking about it.

Our main entrance continues to sit unused as Blondie's sign re-routes guests to our garage door. We worked hard to protect those eggs and I'm so glad we did. What is it about life that makes us fight so fiercely for it when it seems precarious or threatened...and yet we take it for granted 99% of the time?

Saturday a friend let us come over to see her 10-day-old baby bunnies. Her husband had nearly crushed their nest while doing a landscaping job. Now they have five furry newborns and feed them with a medicine dropper.


Life is swirling around us all, waiting to be celebrated and cherished, even protected. I fear I'm so busy tasking and toiling and over-thinking that God has to slap a miracle on my front door before I'll slow down and finally take notice.


For Part 1 of the story, click here.


  1. A miracle "slapped on your front door." I love that phrase! Can't be missed . . . unless one intentionally chooses to ignore. So thankful that all of you are getting to experience it. Love, love, love life!

    Love you forever,

  2. Sweet!
    wittle baby bunnies!
    I get the protecting idea. I just released ladybugs into my garden, and I thought it would be a fun time with my 2yr old, but I basically spent the whole time freaking out and scolding in a panicked voice "NO! Don't squish them, don't POKE THEM! GO AWAY!"
    I felt sooo guilty. AND THEN THIS MORNING he actually squished one and I told him the dead lady bugs friends were sad. WHAT? I mean, am I trying to give my two year old a complex? So then I went to him and said, "Are you sorry for squishing the ladybug?" preparing my speech on how they don't have feelings and mommy's sorry for over reacting. He just shook his head and smiled and said, "NOPE". But I still told him they had feelings.
    Hmmm. maybe this comment is a bit wordy. I'm working out my issues on your blog, don't mind me..

  3. I mean I told him they DIDN'T have feelings

  4. Keep the pictures coming. I feel the same way about all of the Canada geese families. It is so fun to watch them grow. Grandma, gee-ma

  5. The bunnies are so adorable!! Did you check Mallory's pockets b/c I bet she wanted to sneak one home. :) I hate to tell ya friend but the poop storm is coming now that the birds are hatched. It's worth it though. Had the same thing happen two years ago and it was amazing to watch how the momma bird takes care of them. I love your posts! Such a reminder of how God fathers us and tends to our nests despite a messed up, crazy world! Keep on writing!!

    love, Amy

  6. love this...i crave the slow-down...a miracle slapped in the face...that too. :)

  7. we've been just as amazed as we watched our eastern tent caterpillar spin his/her cacoon, knowing that in 2-4 weeks a fairly hairy but amazing moth will emerge. we're tracking the days and now we have two cacoons,having robbed one we found in florida. we also found another caterpillar and it's eating it's way through all the leaves we place in the container. it's a miracle. i keep wondering what is happening in that little white cacoon. God is so wonderful, miraculous and mysterious. On the way home today!!!!! See you soon.

  8. So cute!

    We have two trees with birds and nests in our yard! And 3 boys. I never thought part of the instructions for backyard play would include, "Don't swing your baseball bats at the trees!"

  9. What precious babies! We had a bunny nest in our backyard last summer that I thought to be abandoned, but when I did research I was told that the mother's return at night and you may never see her. Apparently unless the bunnies are crying or distressed, they are still being cared for by their mother. I just wanted to let you know because I had no idea last summer that the chances of survival for fostered baby bunnies without their mother is extremely low. If the nest is not destroyed - you may want to advise your friend to put them back where they were found so the mother can find them again.


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