Monday, May 24, 2010

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Yesterday her hands caught me off guard. Half tickled and half tearful, I gazed down at those 9-year-old fingers, artfully bedazzled with nail polish, a mood ring, and silly bandz.

Gone are the newborn fingers that clung fiercely to mine and the dimpled toddler hands that toted around my purses and ruined every. single. tube. of lipstick within reach.

It's funny. Lately she seems to pay attention my hands more than I pay attention to hers. She plays with my fingers during church and asks me the same questions every time. Mommy, is that a real diamond? Are all of those tiny diamonds real too? Do you think I'll get one someday?

'Cause even though 30 rubber bracelets on one wrist are totally awesome and she does not go anywhere without her penguin mood ring, the girl would trade those baubles in for the real thing any day of the week. There are some things a mama doesn't have to teach.

I'm just glad I took notice of her {still small} hands and had the good sense to grab my camera.


It kind of makes me see all of those sticky handprints {and smooshed-up lipsticks} in a new light.


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  1. AH! This kills me. I'm not ready.
    It's happening too fast!

    I want some of those rubber bracelets though.
    Great writing as always.

    You tugged at my heart strings. sob.

  2. What a treasure she is! Wednesday night (as I was driving!), she reached over, took my hand, fingered my "mother's ring", and wanted to know if each of the four stones was a "real" one. Responding that I didn't really know for sure, she replied, "Well, let's ask Poppy. He'll know." "Real" is obviously very crucial to her right now. May it always be so!

    Love you forever,

  3. Thsi brought tears to my eyes. I looked over at Abbey and saw silly bandsa dn thenon the ohter hand her watch and bracelets. Thanks so much. Shared the story with several friends today. We all have to take pictures of our girls hands!
    Jennifer southern

  4. Love-Love-LOVE this! What a great reminder to stop and notice the grubby little hands in my house.

  5. I'm glad you found each other: Scooper and Flower Patch. You guys are two of my fav.or.ite. blogs.
    I'd like to think you met because I have you both on my blog list, but obviously you two ignore my suggestions and beat your own trail when it comes to this stuff.
    All that hard work of finding good blogs wasted ;)
    (and yes FPFG, I'm cyber bullying you again,'s fun.)(I'll stop when you read Winnie the Pooh)

  6. YES! capture that moment....I'm so glad you did...before you know it she'll be sixteen with young woman hands or 26 with a wedding band and fully grown woman hands...and then 28 with swollen pregnant hands.....then poop smeared hands when she's 29 from mother hands......

    blessings to you, Lana

  7. This reminds me to enjoy my little wiggler's hands more. I totally treasure the times she wants to hold my hand. Now that she is learning to run holding my hand is so last season and cuddling only happens when she's got a fever now. They grow up oh so way too fast don't they?

  8. Wonderful post.
    My 8 year old granddaughter, Alexis, has been playing with my hands since she was a toddler. She will sit next to me, take one of my hands and rub it with one finger. Sometimes she would put herself to sleep. She doesn't do it as much now days, and i miss it.

  9. (*gasp* tears welling up indeed.) there's so much that you can't hold on to as they grow up, but you can definitely hold onto their hands when offered to matter how old they are. this reminded me of a post i wrote a few years back and thought you might enjoy it. thanks for sharing such sweetness.

  10. Happy birthday big girl.
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Love you,


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