Monday, June 28, 2010

Aargh Mateys!

She needed one hoop earring and a striped shirt. He asked if I had any eye-patches. The other He just wore whatever they draped him with and jumped up and down with delight.

It's all part of a funny phenomenon that's been unfolding after dinner lately, a creative camaraderie with a rather odd cast of characters...

A bossy but benevolent 9-year-old...

A compliant and creative 6-year-old...

And a 2-year-old who does everything the big kids do with spunk and unbridled enthusiasm.

Somehow they all find common ground in the magical land of make-believe. Stay here for long after supper-time and you might find yourself aboard a pirate ship made of bed-sheets and kid chairs.

I don't know what's inspiring them so. Maybe it's the freedom of summer or the sweltering Southern heat gone to their heads or the contentment brought about by full tummies and a day of sun-drenched play.

And while I do love my role as mommy bystander, watching them play makes me wish I could travel back in time and join them as a fellow kid. If they tried to include me now, I would just be the clunky and awkward grown-up who wrecks up the ship because my head and body are, well, grown-up size.

I didn't say "no" as they foraged through the attic for pirate clothes and strapped patches over their eyes with construction paper and band-aids. I tried to play it cool as they made swords from vacuum cleaner attachments and drew elaborate treasure maps with markers that left smears on the kitchen table.

Ordinary household junk magically morphed into perfect pirate gear. I just watched and eavesdropped and marveled.

Apparently I wandered from wonder long ago...

But three makeshift pirates have a way of leading me back home.


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  1. Oh, matey! Don't be so hard on yourself. In your day (those younger, wonder years) you had no equal when it came to dressing 'em up, making 'em up, and weaving your own tales and scenes with your siblings. Just let this remind you that the world (even of make-believe) continues to unfold for those who are fortunate enough to have a mom who allows it!

    Love you all forever,

  2. They are awesome little pirates. I love the patches held on with band-aids. That is so something my son would do. :)

  3. That is the cutest 2-year-old pirate I've ever seen! ADORABLE!

  4. Maybe you think you've wandered from wonder, but you're raising kids with thriving imaginations, and that's incredible. :) What a charming, darling bunch of pirates ye have!

  5. AH-men!
    Love it. I feel the same way. I think sometimes I'm too tired for wonder, and then it hits me in the face like a codfish.
    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.

  6. Love summer and imaginative kiddos! That is what I love about having my girls later in life. We raised 3 already and received the amazing gift of 2 by adoption. Must admit, sometimes I am way too lax because I am caught up in the wonder of watching them and their beautiful faces as they meander and race through life exploring. Honestly, I helps me keep the "wonder" too. Hope your summer keeps being one of wonder.

  7. The coolest pirates evah!! Love this post! A great reminder to think like a child...sometimes!

  8. I have to say I LOVE the bandaid eye patch!

  9. LOVE every word and image in this post. a fellow "wanderer from wonder"...i sit amazed at the fort in my own living room created by my trio of ninas. your perspective is simply beautiful.
    ps - did i ever tell you how much i love your post about the minivan?!

  10. Looks to me that it doesn't take much to lead you right back to wonder. And look--now that you're so big that you wreck the ship, you're just the right size to document everything! Every crew needs an historian, after all.

  11. What a glorious band of pirates....I love it!

    Thanks for your sweet words over at Chatting at the Sky today! I am so blessed!

    Have a great day,

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