Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Because Sometimes a Lens Isn't Just a Lens...

The camera fairy recently gifted me with a new lens for my birthday. I was surprised and elated beyond measure. Of all the things I have {not-so-secretly} longed for, this was it.

This simple and uncomplicated little lens does something my standard lens doesn't do so well: it blurs the background. Photographers call it "bokeh."

I call it beautiful.

For someone who thinks about a million different things at once, focusing on a singular subject while all of the rest blends into a blurry calm is so very soothing...

I call it lens therapy.

There's something about this lens that captures the ordinary and makes you marvel at its beauty.

Here are a few of my recent therapeutic moments.

{My niece, Cora, and a rare moment of stillness...}

{This makes me miss my sister. I got to see her recently and we drank a lot of these and ate nearly two rounds of Brie in just two days. Heaven.}


{And finally we have a very sweet and delicious, albeit messy, Cupcake...}

{I've decided his hair is the swirly frosting.}

{And in case you're wondering, the lens is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.}


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  1. Beautiful pictures... I'm glad the lens fairy stopped on by.
    You have a great eye.

    P.S. coming by from chatting in the sky

  2. Oh, I think the camera fairy should visit ME. ;)

    Your pictures are entirely beautiful.

  3. gorgeous. I wish I had a fancy camera...the background of my photos always has something I wish I could blur...like a trash can.

  4. beautiful! and like erin... i wouldn't mind a visit from that camera fairy :) but i seem to find dome bokeh of my own, and am always in love with it!

  5. How does one get on the lens fairy list?
    You must have been very, very good.

  6. Very nice! Maybe someday I'll quit being scared of cameras that have such lenses and actually start to think about owning one. I DO have picture envy. ;o)

  7. I've got that same lens. LOVE it!! I pretty much use it all the time. It's so great for taking pics in low light without a flash.

  8. oh..and the curls! the curls...

    I cannot handle them. Too cute.

  9. There truly is beauty in the ordinary! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. Great shots!!

    Stopping by from Chatting at the Sky! :)

  10. Mmm... yummy. I love bokeh, and I love that lens. (Although mine's a nikon. ;)

  11. maybe the lens fairie could send me some eyeglasses :)
    gorgeous photos! great job!

  12. This is a sign. I have been wanting to add a lens to my Rebel Canon but wasn't sure what I should get. This is the second blog post today that I've read about the Prime lens and how the owner loves it. I think I need me some bokeh! A lovely post. Stopping by from Chatting.
    I wish I had this lens this past weekend. My past two posts have been about an impromptu grade nine grad photo shoot I did. Bokeh would have been so nice for the girls. Oh well, I will have many opportunities.

  13. great shots! i love that name... lens therapy. i call it photo walks and i love how therapeutic they are... my favorite is similar... a 60mm 2.0 macro... yum.

  14. The pictures are beautiful and it's so comfortable to have a lens that blurs the background. I didn't even know sth like this exists and do it always with the editing afterwards.
    Greetings from Germany - from a photograph starter


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