Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do You See What I See?

Cupcake and I cozied up to the kitchen table after his nap yesterday. He sniffed out the chocolate I'd already been munching on while he slept and I felt guilty for not sharing. I knew a post-nap treat would delight him to no end.

As we chatted and nibbled on frosted brownies, he waved confidently and intentionally to someone outside. I stared through the big bay window but saw no one.

Who are you waving at? I asked

The trees, he replied.

I stared again through the window and beheld what I hadn't noticed five seconds prior: waving trees.

Sure enough, a warm southern breeze was rippling through the air and the tall pines and oaks that line the back of our property were bending and bowing and well, waving.

I just didn't have the capacity to see it at first.

I've said it before but it bears repeating: the eyes have it.



  1. Scooper,
    I love how children can see what we do not in Creation. I love how you notice enough to ask the important questions, too.
    Have a fabulous day observing.

  2. I want to notice the trees waving...so sweet.

  3. Kids 'see' the neatest things! I love it. Next time I see the trees swaying I'll be thinking of them waving.

  4. Kids are amazing. Beautiful.

  5. I wonder what he thinking waving on the trees, sweet little boy :)

  6. Kids are precious to me. I enjoyed taking care of my baby. I learned a lot.

  7. What a joy to have this precious child and his siblings doing life with us at TR last weekend!
    Always try to relish the moments!


  8. Isnt it crazy how when we grow old we notice less and less at how amazing the world is around us. thats why I love that my little man brings that sense of joy back to me. this was a sweet post.

  9. Ahhhh!! I love him! I love this. LOVE.

  10. love this. gave my heart strings a tug :)


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