Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Michigan Love

We just returned from Michigan, birthplace of my beloved husband. Over the years it has become a beloved place for the children and me as well, southern-born though we are. For us, Michigan represents rest and beauty and family.

It also represents junk food hedonism. I consume my year's quota of potato chips and soda in one week. Sadly, the junk food detox has begun and I have nursed a headache for 72 hours. I could silence the pounding with more Dr. Pepper and a full-size bag of Doritos but then I wouldn't have next year's hedonism to anticipate.

Before we left, I asked Blondie what she was most looking forward to. She couldn't name just one thing. She said, staying up late with cousins and getting a can of soda out of the cooler on the beach when it's hot and catching turtles...

As her list continued, I realized that for all of us, Michigan vacation is really just a bunch of little things that all add up to one big anticipated summer tradition of fun and memories with those we love.

Somehow a tiny lake and hundred-year-old family homestead pull all of us in like a magnet from Michigan, Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis, South Carolina, and California. For a week we catch up on the past year and marvel at how one another's kids have grown up in such a short time.

Cousin Phil puts on the biggest family fireworks display you've ever seen while the kids wear glow necklaces and eat s'mores and become drowsy by the glow of the campfire and the eventual ebb of the sugar high.

Every year we return to our own house and I am sad for the better part of a week, torn between two locales that both feel like home.

There are certain places that settle firm into your heart and take up residence when you're not aware...soul places. If the Maker has truly set eternity in our hearts, soul places surely must be temporal spots here on earth that point us to a glorious final destination.

The Michigan homestead is a soul place for me.

My hope is that Heaven has a dock and a spring-fed blue lake and most importantly, the presence of those I love so dearly.

Calorie-free potato chips wouldn't hurt either.


More photos
{because I took 300 and
simply must share a few}:

Our family. Hard to believe I've been part of this gang for nearly 15 years...

Brownie goes kayaking...

And you all know this pictorial buffet would not be complete without the Cupcake. He fell fast in love with Orange Crush, evidenced by the smeared, syrupy neon stain around his mouth.

If you look closely you can still see it. I nearly scrubbed his lips off trying get him clean for pictures.

Until next year...


  1. I grew up spending summers in Michigan as my mother's side of the family is from there. It is such a splendid place and I have such fond memories of the lakes. We summered mostly on a small lake called Lake Columbia our side of Brooklyn MI, but I also spent time in Harbor Springs which was like a toss back in time.

  2. You are very blessed! I would love to have an extended family, with get-togethers just like yours'.

  3. I need painting. I need decorating. When are you coming???? We have water. And I have all the organic suckers the squirts can eat.
    Feeling the need yet??????????????????????????

  4. That is awesome. It sounds like the perfect vacation to me...especially the Dr. Pepper and entire bag of chips part. Oh and the turtles..okay pretty much everything.

  5. Michigan is the best place for picnic. Anyways, Nice Pictures.

  6. What a fabulous place for a family vacation! What a darling boy!!

    Thanks for sharing, I am happy I found your blog!


  7. Scooper,
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your time with family in Michigan.
    Would you email me?
    Since we missed seeing each other on the scrapbooking retreat back in May, I have something to send you..... tee hee.
    love ya!

  8. Well, It is such a splendid place and I have such fond memories of the lakes.


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