Monday, August 2, 2010

Benevolent Blogosphere

I have, without a doubt, "met" some of the coolest girls since I began this adventure of recording life in word and picture, girls who love to write and look at photos and overthink things as much as I do. That's a gift in and of itself, but the bloggy world has been exceptionally sweet to me lately.

About a year and a half ago, I went on a scrap-booking weekend with a couple of girls I knew and dozens that I didn't. As we all chatted it up about life and nonsense and family, it turned out that one of the girls knew about my friend Lily and the Padalily {she'd seen a write-up about her from The Nester.} I told her Lily was my BFF and we all had a big laugh about what a small world it is {as well as some dish about the marvelousness of Amy Butler fabric.}

And then she learned that I had a little blog and I told her the name of it and sure enough, she had visited. Then we had an even bigger laugh and I started signing autographs.

Seriously though, ever since that day Lynne has been one of my most faithful readers, rivaling Lily, my mom, and my mother-in-law. Every time I see her name and the ladybug icon that accompanies, I smile and unwrap the comment love.

Well, I got a package in the mail Friday, a real present to unwrap, and guess who it was from...


The girl has got some mad sewing skillz and she makes up little totes and keychains just for fun and she made one just for me.

Isn't she lovely? I told her that I never met a toile I didn't like. This way I'll still look classy even when I'm wearing black Converse sneakers and holey jeans. It's reversible and has awesome little pockets and pouches.

I cleaned out my old purse and junked this one up on the spot.

And if that wasn't enough, about a week before that I got this in the mail from the one and only Richella. She was doing a giveaway and I have totally been wanting this book.


I guess the giveaway gods smiled upon me because I won!

The book is hilarious and spot on. I knew it would be. I read Jon Acuff's blog and I have the laugh lines to prove it. Run, do not walk, to Amazon and buy it. It makes a great gift for all of the Christian culture junkies in your life.

And right after you do that go visit Richella at Imparting Grace. She is precious in so many ways: a gifted writer, grammar guru, thrifty decorator and beautiful woman of God. I got to meet her in real life a year ago at the Nester's swap-meet.

I know you all probably hate me for the great loot I scored and the swell girls I know but I just had to gush. And thank you, Lynne and Richella, for the great gifts!

There's just something about getting a package in the mail that makes a girl's day.

And speaking of presents, I'm unwrapping this one with Emily today. {Chatting at the Sky}


  1. It's such a small world isn't it? I love that bag! It is so cute! And that book... just the title makes me know I am going to laugh a lot! Like that post about cliche Christian sign-offs. It's healthy to poke fun at ourselves! :) So happy you've been loved on this week. Come up here soon so I can love on your with yummy food and tasty treats!
    In His Grip,

  2. You sweet woman! I don't deserve such high praise! But I sure appreciate it. :)

    So glad you like the book! Jon really is funny, isn't he? And have you read that he has joined Dave Ramsey? His parents are about to bust a button.

    That bag is really, really cute. That Lynne must be really something!

    Love you, sweet girl!

  3. The bag is beautiful and I just put that book on hold at our library. :) Thanks for the recommendation. I've been out-of-touch in the blog world this summer, so I'm doing a little catch-up right now.

  4. How so very fun!!! I love the bag!! I agree, we have met some awesome women. What a blessing! And whenever you need a scrapbooking getaway, come on over... we are always scrappin' here!! Blessings!!!

  5. Yep, I'm jealous. I hope you feel loved now. God's timing is so perfect isn't it? Stop over to see what He did in my life yesterday.
    He's pretty amazing.

  6. i want to hate you, but your charming ways are preventing it.
    That bag is awesome!!!

  7. Oh my! I know I don't deserve such praise.
    Just wanted to love on ya a little bit Systa.
    So glad you like the bag. I knew it was "you" the moment I saw the fabric.
    I hope our paths cross in the near future.
    Keep on posting, your thoughts are always timely for me.

  8. I loved hearing from you, I always do. And used to live in G?!?! Shame on you for moving away before we could be real life friends ;)!

  9. how did i not see this one before? i consider myself a, "long time listener-first time caller". next retreat is april 29-may 1st. bette and becca said they're both in. i sure hope you are too!


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