Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Inside the Box...

As I laboriously removed the desk hutch from the excessive cardboard packaging, I thought to myself, What on earth am I going to do with this ridiculously huge box? I snipped the tape, folded it up, and abandoned it to the garage, hoping it wouldn't sit there too long.

It didn't.

They had big plans for the box.

It has been a spaceship, a drive-through car wash, and a McDonald's, complete with a very bossy toddler employee who serves all customers a hamburger and orders them to eat it before they drive off.

I saw a useless, oversized box.

But they saw a whole world just waiting to be imagined.


It's Tuesday so you know where to find me...at Emily's of course.

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  1. That is just wonderful! I have been reading a lot of research about children's incredible need for creative play. It seems an entire generation is losing the ability to imagine. Way to go little people at your house, imagine away!!! :)

  2. Wait a minute. Wait just a minute here.

    How the heck did I miss three posts of yours? That's not supposed to happen to me. I miss posts and posts and posts written by other people, but you--I don't like to miss your writing. Because your writing is a joy to read.

    So. I've just spent several minutes catching up. And I am so proud of you, you teaching mama no longer wearing ancient-history clothes and unlearning everything and making space for the sacred and sacred out of the space. And now here, allowing your children to be children. Most children don't get to be, you know. Yours are blessed.

    Love you!

  3. Love this. It's amazing how much kids can see when we just see the ordinary.

  4. Love the picture. Cupcake is definitely an out-of-the-box kind of kid. Thoroughly enjoyed thinking about the fun they've had with some cardboard. Thanks for capturing the moment.


  5. What a great picture (I love that curly hair!) and story! I love it when my kids bypass the Legos and the Playmobil and create their own toys. :)

  6. The best gift in the middle of that long Winter stretch is a big ol' empty box. :)

  7. Boxes are such wonderful toys.... my parents were always a little chagrined that I played with the boxes at Christmas rather than the toys.

  8. Just discovered your blog, via Matt. Thanks for the good read and the inspiration. Reading some of you past blogs reminded me of just how alike we think, and that thought took me back...years...to playing together as kids. Not surprised to discover that I still kind of look up to you. No pressure.


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