Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bloggiversay Bossy-ness {Plus a Giveaway!}

{My daughter's birthday cake to me. Best cake ever.}

If my blog was my spouse I'd be sleeping on the sofa. I forgot our bloggiversary.

Three years ago I began scrawling out randomness in this little space. For months I'd considered creating a blog but it needed a name. Late one night, a la mode: a little scoop for every slice of life, popped into my over-thinking brain and a blog was born. And though the name now seems a little too cutesy and contrived and themey for my taste, I still love her.

Leery of crazies and cyber-stalkers, I also came up with anonymous names for myself and for my kids: Scooper, Blondie, Brownie, and Cupcake. And while those also seem a bit silly to me now, I've decided to keep them too...even though I crave dessert every time I sit down to write. Should've thought about that. 

I've also discovered that I'm not that anonymous. If you google my real-life name, my blog comes up. {Hi stalkers!}

It sounds cliché to say that I sort of found myself through blogging, but it's true. And in some ways I actually feel like my blog found me.

Hiding beneath those initial posts of recipes and thrift store finds and quirkiness was actually a girl who had something to say. As the fun but superficial posts became fewer and further between, the honest and vulnerable posts showed up in their place.

The girl with something to say began to learn from herself. The words became teacher, therapist and friend to the one doing the writing.

Even now, when I sit down to write, I typically don't know how it will end. I only know when it's time to begin. The posts sort of write themselves.

So on this belated bloggiversary, I want to thank you, dear reader, for showing up. Thank you for your encouragement and your presence and comments. I invite you to stick around because I hope the best is yet to come.

And I'm wondering if I can ask you a few favors...

First of all, if you comment but haven't enabled your e-mail on your profile, I'd love for you to take a minute to do so. I've often wanted to reply to commenters only to click on their names and find that I can't reply. : (

Second, I realize that most people who read don't comment and that is just fine. Really it is. I certainly don't leave a comment for every post I read of someone else's. But if you're a reader, I'd love it so much if you could take a minute and introduce yourself. Because really, I don't know who's out there. {Except for my mom...she reads every post and always comments. Hi mom!} 

Subscribe? If you look in the right sidebar, you'll see subscription options. You can read a la mode in your preferred "reader" {such as Google Reader} or you can subscribe by e-mail. Just enter in your e-mail address under the "Never Miss a Post" box and every time I publish, the post will be delivered straight to your inbox.

Become a follower. Mercy, I sound like a cult leader. I promise that I don't try to brainwash anyone but my children. You can become a follower and show your support right over there in the right sidebar. 

Okay, enough bossy-ness and blog-promotion. 

I've come up with some bloggy resolutions for the next year and I thought I'd let you in on them. {Even though it terrifies me to do this because what if I don't follow through with any of them? What if I quit? What if I fall off a cliff?}

More posts. In recent months I've given up some extra responsibilities in order to focus on rest, family, and simplicity. This has opened up more space in my schedule and psyche for reflection and writing. It feels good and right and timely.

31 days. I'm still planning to join in the 31 days "party" and begin my 31 Days of Real from October 1st to October 31st. I'm scared. And excited. Join me and hold my hand?

A makeover? For a long time I've wanted to switch from blogger to Wordpress and create a more customized blog that works better for me. Y'all, it is expensive to hire creative, computery experts. So I'm thinking about learning a few tools of the trade and trying to do it myself. Because I am crazy. 

Oh I wish the bloggy versions of Clinton and Stacy would show up at my house with their expertise and a $5,000 credit card!

{Techie readers, please advise. I'm thinking to get "Pixel Happy" and then trying to customize it myself. Am I insane?}

I'm so excited about what the next year may hold for this little space. And while I'm hoping for fun bloggy stuff like bigger photos and better functionality, I'm most excited about building a real and honest place. A place to share and receive and know that we're not alone.

And now for the fun and caffeinated part. Because it's a special occasion and I like presents, I thought I'd give something away...

$10 Starbucks gift card anyone? We all need an iced coffee  or three every now and then to know that all is right with the world.

Just leave a comment....whatever you want to say. {And make sure you enable your e-mail on your profile or include it in your comment. If you win, I'll need to e-mail you and get your address.} Facebook comments don't count. You have to actually go through the blog. I am such a meanie. 

To all of you newbie commenters, I can't wait to meet you! To all of you faithful friends and join-in'ers, thanks for being so awesome. 

And thanks to everyone who put up with this crazy-long post that is all about my big self and her blog.


{I'll randomly choose a winner by next Tuesday night, August 30th. Stay tuned...}


  1. Hello, Scooper, it's I--a long-time, die-hard, always faithful fan. I think I'm one of the first to read this post, and so I want to make this comment:

    If you don't already follow or subscribe to this blog, do it now. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Just go ahead and sign up. You'll be glad for the chance to read more of Scooper's writing.

    And now to you, dear friend-whose-real-name-I-know-but-I-won't-list-it-here: I am so glad I know you. I surely would like to see you face-to-face again; don't you need to make a trip to the northern part of the Carolinas? :)

  2. Look, I'm first :). I've been reading for a couple of years, and may have commented a time or two? But, anyways, my name is Amy and I'm a Stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom of 3 (6y, 5y, 3y). I always enjoy your posts. I know I'll come away from you blog with a lighter heart and usually a chuckle or two :). I'm a fan!

  3. Well...guess I wasn't first after all!

  4. You know who I am :) and I've read every single post! I'm always so excited when another post from you shows up in my reader! You're so awesome and I can't wait for October! :)

  5. Well, here I am . . . your ever-commenting mom! You know I'm a fan, and not just of your blog. Of you!

    First time I've gotten to see THE CAKE! Kudos to Blondie, for sure!

    I'm certainly looking forward to your future blogs, as I have all the previous ones that I've already printed and framed (just kidding on that last part).

    Please don't enter me in the Starbucks giveaway, honey. You know I'm already fully-enabled by your dad in that area.


  6. It's me! Susanna! :) I comment far less than I instinctively want to, because... I don't know why. But, you know I'm a faithful fan! ;) ...I haven't added you to Google Reader, though, I don't think, so here goes!

    I hope you feel the love from my little neck of the Michigan woods! I'm thankful your cutesy ice-cream-scoop blog started 3 years ago, and morphed into something so valuable and meaningful, and has given so, so much to me since, growing faster than dog years, if you ask me.

    You are beautiful and brave.


  7. I am soooooo looking forward to your "31 Days of Real" I could have used a series like that when I was raising my young child, working full time, and trying to also be the wife I was called to be(oh perfect daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, church member). I know it would have been an encouragement. I often felt like I was the dysfunctional one and did not have it together on so many fronts. It took along time for me to be the "brave one" and break the silence.

    My daughter is now 19, I enjoy much more time with my husband, but still struggle I think about how most of the time " I just don't quite fit the mold" in my career. So I know I will enjoy your blog even more in the coming days.

    I will be in China when you start the Get Real series. I will let you know if you are blocked or not!
    Karla Ontiveros Karr--

  8. Hello from Virginia! I often read, but I think I've posted, like 3 times? I am SO not good at that, but it's usually because I am nursing a little one and have to type over her head. But I compose really great comments, haha! I hear what you are saying with ramping up your blog. I have only been able to move from one to another: from Adventures in Living and Learning, to { with eager hands }
    I really enjoy what you have to say, and I smile every time you post about homeschooling, because in the time I lived in your neck of the woods, I wouldn't have pegged you as a homeschooler...'course, I wouldn't have pegged myself, either. Surprise, surprise!
    Keep on blogging and we'll keep on reading!

  9. "She who will not be named"- you know I love you! :) (This is Sarah, Ruby's mom) :) I read all your blogs but don't always comment. I can if you need me to! Anywho, how about we get some coffee together whether at your undisclosed location, mine, or a 3rd party clandestine coffee shop?


    Love you!

  10. I'm here. I'm trying to post a comment but for some odd reason your blog rarely lets me do that anymore. I use my google account, which used to work but now it says I don't have access to something-or-other.

    I so appreciate your writing, your honesty, and your heart. I'm glad to call you "friend."


  11. I LOVE reading your blog. Every time I see "A La Mode" pop up in my reader it is the first one I go to. Before the blog was born, I benefited so much from a season that you shared life, girl time with was like having the older sister that I always wished for. You're blog is still that way for me. I benefit so much from you sharing life, God's romance, redemption and grace...and when I read I still feel like I get the wisdom of an older sister passing along what she has learned. Thank you for sharing these precious, vulnerable, valuable places in your heart with us.

    I was telling my husband a few weeks ago how much I like you're blog. If I were to sum it up in one way it is because I always feel moved by your words that point me to grace and Christ.

    I hardly ever comment (but I read every post) because I always have an email length comment - and I'm always fighting the urge to edit what I say (what if I come across as socially awkward in the comments / misspell a word/ ect.) I always tell myself I'll send that long comment in the form of an email - but never find time :( so in the spirit of keeping it real I'm going to publish this comment.

    I just became a follower, and I have subscribed to this blog through my google reader for a few years now. (I'm totally a safe stalker.)

    Love you!

  12. Scooper,
    I love reading your blog and I've been a subscriber for about 2 1/2 years. I've "met" some other 'friends' through your blog, but I am happy to have met you in person. Your smile and laughter are contagious. AND I'll never look at a plate of food again without thinking of photographing it first ;)
    I hope you continue to post your thoughts, ideas and struggles. It seems we share a lot of the same ones.

  13. I'm a reader, a long-time follower, and an admirer! I love that you have found yourself through your blog. I am inspired to get back to mine... it is hard to, though, when life is hard. Looking forward to your Get Real series. I will be cheering you on! Blessings!

  14. Hi - I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Appreciate your honesty.
    My 9 year old's first word was "tarbuks". She's been going with daddy since she was about one. I think she likes the tall hot chocolate - kid temp.
    Sarah - IWU class of '95 Elementary Education (fellow Bowman hall freshman - remembered for camera and big flashlight)

  15. I've always enjoyed your blog and it is always a pleasure to see a la mode on my sidebar. That is perhaps, the upside of not being too visible. Your fans click on your blog with much anticipation.

    Whether you post often or everyday, with or without an incentive, I bet you will still enjoy a loyal following. I will be there for sure even if I do not comment often because I just love the way you write and I can just feel how much love you put behind your every post. You deserve all the blog love that you're gettin from all over the world.


  16. You can't stop! You've created this thing and can't end until you are 6ft under. :) Where else would I get a chuckle at your kids or find that I am somewhat normal, or just hear what crazy/funny/real things you are going through. I love every post and cheer you on! I love it! Happy blogiversary!

  17. Hey from new jersey. It's Bethany. I love when a link comes on Facebook for a new post! I love every entry from the silly to serious. I have learned so much from you and can relate so well to your blog. Hugs!!!!

  18. Thought I'd chime're on my Google reader page, and I love having glimpses into your life! I miss seeing you. 'Member how you brought us dinner one night, right after my oldest was born, and it was pizza, b/c you weren't up for cooking, but it turned out (and I'm sure you knew) that you were expecting? Anyway, I don't want a shot at the gift card. Starbucks is completely unappealing this trimester. It's after 9:30 your time, anyway, so I might be safe. ;) --Hayley

  19. dang it...i missed the deadline...but you know I love you and all your words. keep on writing girl.

  20. Hi Scooper! I've posted before and continue to read you - Your writing SPEAKS to me and I have forwarded more than one of your posts to friends, shared them on facebook, etc. Your blog is a ministry to many. I look forward to what you have planned! :)


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