Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Long, Summer. Sort Of.

Sometimes tiredness creeps unannounced and uninvited. And all you can do is rest, let stuff go, reflect and keep drinking coffee, praying that the caffeine will finally take.

That's where I'm living today and with good reason I guess. Between the sleep-deprivation and the kids and starting school and life's ongoing drama, I am worn slap out.
But I am thankful too. And hopeful. And, well, just plain full...even though I'm emptied out. How's that for making sense?

I have so much to say but not enough oomph to say it. I think some more reflection is in order before the proper words will make their way out.

In other news, we eased into school this week.

But first, a family trip to Target was in order. We gave each kid $6 for new pencils, erasers, and folders. The boys picked out Spiderman stuff, made peace with their purchases, and even had some change to spare.

Blondie literally broke down crying in front of the kitty notebooks. Too many choices and not enough money. So I loaned her six more dollars and she left happy. That may have not been the wisest decision but we were all tired and hungry.

The next day we hunkered down and started our new school-year, whether any of us felt ready or not.

Turns out, we were all ready.

New pencils and watercolors and puppy folders apparently worked their magic.

It will be steamy and un-Fall-like in the Southeast 'til mid-October but summer as we've known it came to an end this week.

So here are some sweet shots of Summer. Our lazy days felt normal and commonplace while we lived them but I'm already a bit nostalgic for those days. Making peace with transition takes a bit of time.

In the midst of some hard days, a simple pictorial retrospective helps me to see it all from a better vantage point. And I feel grateful.


The beach in May

My birthday cake, made by Blondie. It was a major covert operation. She recruited my friend to take her to the store, help make the cake, and keep it hidden in her fridge. She's been watching a lot of Cake Boss.

Fourth of July 5K where even the kids got to race and dodge superheroes.

There was much fort building...

And fun time with cousins...

And rock sales with "really low prices!"

Apparently, chunks of backyard granite aren't going for much these days.

There were babies. Four brand new nieces to be exact. I'm still giddy.

Meet Bree.

And Tabitha.

I got to meet baby Caroline for the first time yesterday and I will meet baby Naomi this weekend. 

And there was golf in the backyard, complete with wet, grassy feet...

And golf at the Par 3...which is, in fact, the only place Cupcake knows how to whisper. It's crazy, he's like a whispering savant at a golf course but has no volume control anywhere else. Not even church. Especially not in church.

Blondie made herself a tree swing at my parents' house.

Oh, to be 10 again.

So "Happy Fall, Y'all!" Even though it's still 97 degrees.


  1. Oh, fun. We've been shopping for school supplies, too. . . only XL twin mattress pads and dorm refrigerators aren't nearly so much fun to buy as colored pencils. As of tomorrow, I'll be officially a UNC mom and a Duke mom. And old. :)

  2. I so understand what you mean about needing to ruminate before you're ready to spill it. But still, spill it! (When you're ready, of course.) ;)

  3. Lovely summer, lovely life! Enjoy your fall. Ours hasn't started yet. My lovely gets her wisdom teeth out on Weds. so we're holding off on school and switching seasons until she's recovered or maybe till after Labor Day. Who knows? I'm so not organized!

  4. Tell that little squirt to quit growing.
    Oh my gosh he is going too big!!!!!!!
    Boo Hoo


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