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Being Cool About School:
Finding Grace & Freedom for Ourselves & Others In Our Educational Choices

What is this series about? Who's it for? What on earth motivated you to write it? 

The backstory and early years of this educational journey.

Our transition from homeschooling to public school

This is not a post espousing all the virtues of homeschooling. Rather, it's a look at how we can appreciate and learn from the gifts and the challenges of our homeschooling experience.

Post 9: Rejecting Fear-Based Motivations and Resting in Freedom
What happens when our ideals become idols? How do fear, pride, and idealism infiltrate our decisions about how to educate our children, and how can we guard against it?


A Time for Everything But Not Everything All the Time

{a blog series about living with freedom & margin in an overcommitted, overachieving culture}

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