Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things 
{That Can Be Your Favorite Things Too}

Mom-invented by one of my dearest friends, Lily. {We met in childbirth class 13 years ago.} It's the original cushion to carry your infant car-seat with style and ease. All-time favorite baby gift. I used one myself for our youngest child.

{Inexpensive, easy-to-use, and gives you that lovely blurry background.}

{We keep this dough in our fridge at all times. Easiest bread ever.}

{You'll want this for the dough.}

{Favorite, most-used gadget in our kitchen. Small, simple, and chops all my veggies.}

Breville Juice Fountain Plus
{Yep, we're juicers. And this one makes yummy, vitamin-packed juice super fast and easy.}

Say Yes to Carrots Body Butter
{I'm sort of addicted. No weird chemicals. Best stuff ever for dry skin.}


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