Friday, March 6, 2009


I was all set to do a post on easy Spring touches and when I tuned in to the Nester today, she was calling for Spring. And she sent me to the Inspired Room, who was also calling for Spring.

I'm so excited that everyone is gettin' their Spring on. And you totally need to check out their Spring posts...and link up with your own. 

Love all that blogspiration out there.

Anyway, here's a few Spring touches I've made amid the mayhem. Unfortunately I have to strain my neck to see these pretty vignettes...seeing as how I have 11 plastic storage bins, 3 laundry baskets, and 2 garbage bags of clothes sitting in my great room. 

Because Spring is more than birds, eggs, and tulips. 

It is also the glorious season of sorting through seasonal clothing, shipping off hand-me-downs, preparing for my area consignment sale, and sorting through the mother lode of baby boy clothes. Goodwill is getting their fair share too.

I digress.

Here's a little table in my great room. I've used this thing for every imaginable purpose. Right now it's simply a pretty place to set up Spring and hold a cup of tea and make me smile. 

I had everything but the wooden decorative thingys. (Does anyone know what these are called?) I scored those from the 80% off section at Hobby Lobby. I also bought the fake branch there, 50% off. I don't love fake plants, but I tend to neglect real foliage and it tends to die as a result.

These are some tacky-turned-terrific urns I got a while back from the thrift store. One was a speckled mint green. The other was goldish. They look much prettier with a coat of creamy, glossy spray paint...compliments of Wal-Mart, 96 cents a can.

(See how sad and dreary and tacky...)

(See how happy and chipper and glossy...)

I put some moss in there. And some sticks.

More moss. More fake stuff. These happy urns adorn my newly redone bedroom.

And don't you think this...

is better than this?

I printed off a few more vintage prints from The Vintage Moth and added these to the "office" area of my bedroom that needed a little help. Already had the mats and clip frames. I love free bees. And free eggs. And free birds. 

I also added my diplomas...which have nothing to do with Spring. Except that people usually graduate then. Yes, I'm a nerd and I put my diplomas up. And not because I'm trying to impress people who wander into my bedroom. 

These diplomas pay homage to the days when this girl actually had a brain and got paid real money to do smart and productive things. Paid.

And when I wander into my bedroom and cannot for the life of me remember what I came in there for, I can glance up at these pieces of framed paper...and know that once upon a time I had a brain that remembered things.

And finally, you can spruce up your toilet for Spring by tossing in a bunch of grosgrain ribbons. And a rogue shoe.

Want more ideas?

How about some junk scattered about the bathroom floor. Nothing says Spring like cotton balls...and feminine supplies.

It's only fair to give credit to the other half of this designing duo. Let's give it up for Cupcake, my 15-month-old decorating savant.

I have lots more Springbellishment ideas up my sleeve. I'm sure Cupcake does too.

But first...the bins. And the sorting. And the laundry. And the digging grosgrain ribbon out of the toilet. Sigh.

Got any Springbellishment ideas up your sleeve? I'd love to see.


  1. I love everything you do! Those urns turned out so beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. You are hilarious! I love the springbellishments (I'm currently working on mine too). Spray paint is one of my favorite thins in the whole world. Love. Love. Love.
    My degrees are displayed on a shelf in their (p)leather cases to remind me that at one time I too had a brain and did stuff that I got paid real money for. While I don't really miss the work, I do miss the money. Sadly they decided to stop paying me when I stopped doing the work. Funny how that works.
    And Cupcake IS a brilliant decorator! Who'd have thought to use feminine products, grosgrain, and cotton balls? Genius, that.

  3. Love what you did with the urns! Great idea! Have fun decorating with your cupcake! All too fast the cupcakes turn into layer cakes!

    Rose Cottage Gardens and Farms

  4. Thanks for the great bathroom decorating ideas! Alas, I will have to hire out, as Mr. Sullivan is quite the neat-nik.
    ~ Sue

  5. I love those wooden thingys..I miss Hobby Lobby so much! Love that egg print too!



  7. Thank you! That toilet idea is awesome. I keep trying to spruce up my potty, but it never seems quite pretty enough.
    Anyways, love the post. I think I need to start experimenting with spray paint!

  8. You should post these at the "paint Party" on the blog "New Every Morning".

  9. I think this is my favorite post of all! Thank you for keeping it real : )

    We are in the midst of a spring clothing switchover ourselves, and it's not pretty. At least not as pretty as yours!

  10. Thanks for joining the party!

    I laughed out loud at the bathroom pics! What a fun age (most of the time)

    I love the paint transformation!

  11. I love your side table - mine is empty, as I have no idea ow to accessorize. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Oh, jumping up and down for joy! Love your spring makeover! I'm so jealous of the Hobby Lobby you have. We don't have that at all. I'm at a real disadvantage :-)

    Thanks for sharing your springiness!!!

  13. Oh, my darling daughter! This is one of the best yet! I'm sitting here in Wilmore cracking up . . . which is always so much more dramatic when you're all by yourself. Lots of silence, and then your Mom, laughing hysterically into the quiet! Cupcake is a superb re-arranger at the young age of 15 months! My hat's off to him . . . but, maybe not, since he would probably toss it in the potty.

    Keep your happy heart on . . . you are so blessed!


  14. I am laughing out loud at the tales of little Cupcake! Hilarious!!! I have had the same thing happen, although no shoes in the toilet, thankfully. I love all your little embellishments and the spraypainted urns. Even the diplomas. LOVE your blog.

  15. You have inspired me to "spring" into action! LOL Ouch--awful pun! Anyhow, thanks for the fun post.

  16. Ribbon belongs in the toilet, doesn't it?

    And I think the diplomas are a good sprig of function added to the elegant decorating. I mean, function for your soul, that is.

    Yay for springtime :)

  17. Hee hee-- your spring-ish photos are lovely, and your little one shows real. . . creativity.

    You've made me want to lighten and brighten our house too!

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