Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm finally home after a month in the beautiful state of Michigan where my husband grew up. Yep, right there on that beautiful lake.
Sigh. I love the summer. My sissy Southern self can't handle Michigan winters for any extended period.

It was wonderful being away from home for so long. I was able to disconnect from the familiar and immerse myself in family and beauty and projects in someone else's home.

I had lots of fun behind the lens as this was my first Michigan July with my gift camera.

Here are some of my favorites...

Campfire stories with Papa:

Play-doh Yoda:

Play-doh Obi-Wan:

Cupcake & his cars:

Blondie loves hunting for baby turtles in the lake:

Brownie & his favorite past-times, preparing for a career in civil engineering (hope that sand cities actually exist somewhere) and drinking a caffeinated soda, a rare treat:

An excursion to Lake Huron:

Silhouettes at dusk, before family fireworks:

We are pyromaniacs. Our family's personal fireworks display rivals that of a small country.

{Favorite black & whites}

The Man with his brother & sis:

My favorite 4 people in the whole world:

Love my baby's curls:


I hope you all had a fun and festive 4th. I look forward to jumping back into blogosphere and reconnecting. 

{For all you shutterbugs out there, a couple of questions. What is an affordable basic zoom lens for a Canon? I have a digital Canon Rebel XTI. Also, what is your favorite post-processing program? I currently just use iPhoto which came on my Mac.}


Stay tuned for next Monday when I join in the Nester's "Price My Space" party. Hope you can come party with us!


  1. Gorgeous pics! I love the first black & white and the silhouettes! Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  2. No clue about Cannon. However, I have Aperture software for Mac I can give you! Let me know when a good time to drop by the house will be and I can even give you a little tutorial. It makes good pictures stunning!

    Sarah B.

  3. Scooper,
    What wonderful photographs and memories from Michigan.
    Thanks for sharing!
    love ya!

  4. That first picture is beautiful, and so picturesque! I would LOVE to visit there.

    All of your pictures turned out beautifully. I mean, just lovely. I love that black and white of your daughter squatting on the deck. SO beautiful.

  5. Many of your photos could have been worth of a shoot for a magazine... gorgeous family...
    :-) Sue

  6. Michigan has been my home my entire life. Yes, the winter can get to you. But the fall and spring and summer make up for it.

  7. Welcome back . . . to SC and to your blog. You were truly missed.

    The pics are just wonderful. Some are going on my workspace wall.

    Love you forever,

  8. Glad you're back! I missed seeing you!

    I got hooked on Pioneer Woman's website thru your blog. She does great photography and she uses Photoshop Elements ($60) and describes why you don't need actual Photo Shop ($600).

    I loved the pictures. I can't believe how much Miles has changed in such a short time! Hope to see ya'll soon! (I have your Gatti Town gifts at the church to get to you).



  9. I pray I never take that view for granted. I'm humbled by God's beauty!! Great pictures! Mike loves the one with him and the kids. It was so great to have you and the kids here. I will cherish all of the memories! Maybe next year? Deb


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