Sunday, July 12, 2009

Price My Space

I love a good party. Especially when I get invited into the living rooms of total strangers and they tell me what they spent on stuff. Who in the world would ever host a kooky party like that? The Nester, of course.

So here's my contribution to her Price My Space party: THE LIVING ROOM

The Man and I have been married almost 14 years. One or both of us were in graduate school for at least half of that time. Since then we have each worked as educators until I decided to stay home 2 1/2 years ago. I know that makes you all so jealous because clearly we are rich and spend a fortune on home furnishings.

Seriously, I tell you that because it provides the context for my purchases. Since being married, I have never had much set aside for purchasing furniture and such. With the exception of one or two splurges, all that you're about to see was either free, thrifted, or dangerously discounted. I love to live on the edge like that. 

Here it goes:

1. Pine Pier-1 entertainment armoire: about $300 because it was scratched. Will be getting a makeover soon. (Did you see The Nester's blue one? My sad pine armoire is so jealous.)

2. Black bookshelf housing baskets of toys and covering ugly TV cords: $2 at a yard sale and spray-painted.
3. 4 baskets: $3.99 each at Big Lots
4. Lamp and frames: about $15 

5. Painting: $50 at Ross last summer with my birthday money. 
6. Mantle decor: Vases free from my sister's wedding. Candle holders nearly free from hosting a Southern Living at Home party years ago. Junk in the vases $4 (Dollar Store and after-Christmas potpourri.) Starfish $1 or so at Wal-Mart.

7. Chair, side table, and accessories: Free and spray-painted table and chair. Wooden thingys $12 for all 3 at Hobby Lobby on Clearance. Galvanized flower bucket free. Fake green branch-$4 at Hobby Lobby. Lamp $15 from Wal-Mart (a set of four matching ones years ago...and I am so over the hanging crystal trim...she'll be getting a makeover too.)

Oh, and the window mistreatment: $4. Read more about that here.

8. Tiny ottoman / stool under table: $7 at Goodwill

9. Sofa: Purchased 7 years ago at Value City Furniture in Pineville, NC for $449. I searched high and low for months to find one that looked Pottery-Barn-ish but was a fraction of the price. (Where was Craig with his list then?) 

The cushion covers zip off and can be washed. It is dirty and well-used. But it's comfy and has lasted longer than one might think...which is good because I still need it to last quite a while. I love light, beachy furniture even though it's less than practical with children who naturally attract dirt. Still, I love it. 

This sofa has heard many a good story and served as Brownie's fort for quite some time now. It has endured naps, tears, mountains of laundry, and pillow fights. When it's time here is through, I may just have to provide a eulogy.

10. Seagrass storage ottoman from Pottery Barn: $100 at the Gaffney outlet after Christmas.

11. Seagrass chairs from Pottery Barn: $110 for BOTH at Gaffney outlet after Christmas. 
(These 3 seagrass pieces may just be the best deals of my life.)
12. Black iron table: $19 from IKEA

13. Room-size area rug: free from my mom's house...and currently in desperate need of cleaning.

14. Shelf, photo frames, vase: $50 or less for all of it, some of which was white and scratched before being made new by black spray paint. This wall is also getting a makeover soon.


There you have it. It was hard to just segment off the living area because our kitchen / dining / living space is all one room. I guess I could do part 2 if anyone is actually interested.

Total = $2,050 (give or take a few dollars) and purchased over a 9-year span.

Oh, I forgot to add paint. About $50 for this part of the room I'm guessing. (And we STILL have to finish the trim-work even though we painted the room nearly 2 years ago.) Color is Montgomery White from Benjamin Moore. 

Which takes my total to about $2,100.

Thanks for coming!


  1. Wonderful room and spectacular pieces , why don't you paint you armoire blue ?, it would look lovely .
    Just beachy

  2. Beautiful! I love the curtain and large painting from Ross the best!!!

  3. Ok, I'm in love with your room...and that armoire is going to look sooooo fab if you paint it like Nester's! Cute! :)

  4. Oh Scooper...I want to see more! Do part two pretty please?

  5. Scooper,
    I love hearing your stories and your living area is beautiful. It seems so peaceful. (Did I just say that? you've got three kids for crying out loud!)
    I hope you will continue to show us more of your home.

  6. I love your room! :) I can't wait to see what color you choose for your armoire. I know where Pineville is! My Nannie lives in Siler City, which isn't too far away. Are y'all near that area? :)

  7. I love your home and all of the vignettes you have shared! And I really love the armoire! I can't believe I am going to say this, but I like it just the way it is. This piece seems so full of character.

    I hesitate to say this because for years I wanted to paint a wall of book shelves in my living room but was discourage by so many people who said, "don't do it." I finally took the plunge and absolutely love the result.

    So, I'll just have to check back again to see what you decide to do.

    Kindly, ldh

  8. I love the lightness of it - and it looks so put together!

  9. If I may comment, although I'm not participating in this here party, just enjoying seeing everyone else's rooms:

    I LOVE your valance fabric. Where did you find it?

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog recently! I love your room and I am so jealous of your PB pieces... we have no such outlets in CA. I think your room looks amazing and your deals and steals make it all the more appealing. Great job!


  11. Hello - love your room! It looks so comfy and pretty. My fave is that painting above the mantel...fabulous! Thank you for sharing.


  12. what a great job! i love your couch. i want one with slip covers to take off and wash. with 5 kids i NEED slipcovers! you are proof that beauty doesn't have to be pricey. bravo.


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