Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bauble Board

I love baubles.

I am nothing without my big hoop earrings or a giant beaded necklace. Or three. But baubles can become burdensome. Despite my best efforts to keep them nicely arranged in a drawer, the necklaces always ended up in a giant ball. 

Maybe the baubles were bored...and the drawer was they tried to mate. I don't know. But after spending 17 hours untangling the wad o' necklaces, I knew there had to be a better way.

Behold the Bauble Board

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this. But I've recently had several people comment on the Bauble Board. Friends who were over and saw it and thought it was fab.

And I'm thinking there are many bauble-loving ladies out there who would love to untangle their wad o' necklaces once and for all.

Here's the tutorial:
Round up a bulletin board. Get some clear push pins. Hang the baubles. Hang the board. Enjoy eternal bliss.


I've been on the hunt for a giant thrift store frame I can insert the Bauble Board into. I'm thinking that would look very chic and artsy.

You could also cover a bulletin board in fabric. That would be lovely.


As for my earrings, I use ice-cube trays...except for the giant hoops. Ice cubes the size of my hoops do not exist...unless you are an iced-tea drinking godzilla. 

And lest you think I am the queen of all things clever and organized, think again. 

Cupcake loves my earring drawer. He thinks the baubles look good enough to eat...or at least to throw in the toilet (along with the
ribbons and shoes.) 

And because I'm a slacker and have not child-proofed these drawers (or trained my baby to stay out of them), this is what it's come to: a haphazard array of trays and bauble clutter. And cotton balls. Now it takes me 17 hours to find a pair of earrings. Shameful.


  1. Seeing that Bauble Board was like the mothership calling me home. I. Love. My. Jewelry. My necklaces are always getting tangled up. Thanks for the fun idea!

    I'm hosting my 100th post giveaway today! Yay! Stop by to check it out if you have a chance. :)

  2. That's a great idea! I just redid my jewlery storage with a stick hung on the wall and s-hooks. It looks pretty and I can find stuff! Joy! And rest assured,you're not alone-I find things in the toilet too and the shower and even have lego guys in my fridge!

  3. I love your bauble board! Brilliant! I must do this. I think my necklaces mate as well. I don't remember buying that many. Thanks for the tip!
    Oh, and if you haven't already, come over and enter my give-away. It involves chocolate!

  4. It's awesome. I am going to be posting what I do for my earrings, but for now, my necklaces hang on two decorative towel racks.

    I see your She Speaks button. Are you registered to go? I am going for sure. It would be so fun to hang out.:)

  5. Way cool. The only problem is, I don't really have a bauble management problem, 'cuz I don't have enough jewelry!! Must get more jewelry so that I can make one of those.

  6. Wow...I love the icecube tray idea...except I have a toddler GIRL who loves to accessorize...yeah, mine would end up looking like your drawers do :)

    Oh, I loved the part about the necklaces getting bored and trying to mate...LOL!

  7. You have A LOT of necklaces girl! All from Dollar Gems?

  8. Great idea Marian! But, what is a Bauble? I am assuming a necklace - but is that the fancy southern word? : ) Either way, Great ideas!

  9. I am in love with your bauble board. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that. Why haven't I thought of it? I'm definitely going to copy cat your idea.

  10. I mentioned to you before how I loved this idea. Well, I loved it so much that I've decided to make one on my own. I'm in the midst of working on it & will e-mail you a picture once it is completed. It really will help me with my "time management" which will make Vance very happy. Thanks!!!


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