Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Door

I haven't done much sprucing up around here lately. My bedroom re-do sucked all decorating juice right out of me. Last week, however, I was cruising the neighborhood with my kiddos and having a pity party about my no-curb-appeal house. Because I'm a deep thinker and all.

We bought our little house new. New has it perks...and its quirks. One such quirk is low-end builder landscaping. Translation: a few blah bushes in a row in front of the house. The end. 

Some of you weekend warriors out there would view such a blank canvas as a blessing. But my husband and I are landscaping challenged. And energy challenged. And landscaping budget challenged. Not to mention that our property is about an acre in size with trees only lining the back of our property. 

I've been trying to spruce things up in some of my "free" time but all I've accomplished is a bunch of weeding and the planting of some free bulbs from generous friends and family. 

Upon seeing various neighbors planting vegetable gardens, trees, and flowers galore, I gave up. I can't compete. I am limited by time, money, and expertise.

So I said to my neighbors, "I'll see your gardens and foliage and raise you a red door."

That's right. I took that can of red paint I purchased two years ago for my front door and I went to work while Cupcake slept. Four coats of red paint and many flying insects in my house later, I had added a bit of curb appeal. This bit of sprucing will hardly land me on the cover of Southern Living but it's a free and easy start.



{Aluminum foil on hardware is easier than tape.}

{Painting my gold wreath hanger red makes it blend in with the door.}


  1. LOVE red doors... i've always wanted a house with a red door!!! and good call on the wreath hanger painting... good call... :)

  2. Wow! It looks great! I just had a "duh" moment with the wreath hanger...why didn't I think of that already?

  3. LOVE it!! I bet it really adds a "wow factor" to people driving by. I painted a red door last week too...spray paint on my girls' plastic playhouse. I did not do as good a job as you. :s We are also landscape budget challenged, and I am at a loss at to how to prettify my yard. ;)

  4. It's beautiful! I love it. Fantastic job.

  5. We've been thinking about doing a red front door as well. Yours looks fantastic! Great idea on the wreath hanger...I'll keep that in mind! :)

  6. It. is. FABULOUS!

    And the wreath really pops.

    Just be grateful you have a pretty door to paint. Our house got stuck with a dented steel door with no window or side lites. I really want a new door now!

    Again, beautiful job!

  7. Well, as always (well, maybe not the Voices blog), you manage to bring admiration and at least one big laugh from me as I read. Admiration: the door looks fantastic! The laugh: scrolling along and seeing the aluminum foil! Huge laugh . . . out loud. Still laughing!


  8. OK, just re-read the comment I just posted. Yes, I admired your honesty in the Voices blog . . . it just didn't come with a laugh.

    Love you forever,



  10. awesome! red doors are my favorite!


  11. I'm seriously considered painting our front door red, too. There are a few things I've wondered, though, and I'd feel better about starting if I knew. How long did it take to dry? Did you have to just leave the door open all day? Did you have any problem with the door sticking to the frame when you finally did have to shut it? I love the way yours turned out!

  12. I love the door! It looks so wonderful! And for anyone out there who wants to do this too but only has time for one coat, may I suggest getting the primer for red paint ( it's actually grey paint). It really works and really gives the red excellent depth and coverage. A red door just looks so welcoming! Can I come visit?

  13. Wow, I love it. Great color. You kicked some curb appeal butt with this project!

  14. Looks fabulous and you've checked off another project on your list. Way to go Scooper!!!

    I'm sure your home stands out now amongst the others on your street. You've definitely "kicked it to the curb"!

  15. I love the color and think my favorite part is that you painted your wreath holder! Genius.


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