Monday, June 11, 2012

Everyday Grace: Gifts

When life feels heavy...

When the rain, rain won't go away...

When nothing is fixed or tidy or stacked up neatly...

When the soul is weary and the body follows suit...

When relationships are burdensome and acceptance seems out of reach...

Find the beauty in your world and gaze upon the gifts. 

Know that the Creator of the Universe is lavish with his unfailing love, He who did not spare even his own son for you. 

All good gifts point to the ultimate good gift: Christ Himself

Related Verses
Ephesians 3:16-19


"Everyday Grace" is a regular{ish} post I've recently begun. In January I started praying this simple but regular petition: Father, make the Gospel of Grace real to me in tangible, everyday ways. These posts record the ways in which God is answering that prayer. Getting to share these vignettes with you is simply an added gift, one I am so grateful for. My hope is that you may also be encouraged by Everyday Grace. {To read more in this series, click on the "Everyday Grace" label in the right sidebar.} 


  1. Dearest,

    The "rain, rain that won't go away" has made my beautiful hydrangea bush (like life, sometimes) very, very heavy. I noticed your photo of those beautiful hydrangeas and thought you might want to take a short road trip to my house and gather some beautiful blue blooms for those days that seem to need a touch of it.


  2. Scooper,
    Great posting and wonderful words to remember -- Everyday Grace. Your blog has always been a gift to me. Thank you. I love how your mom's comment reminds me to appreciate this rain. Our hydrangeas are bushier this year, as well and so BLUE!
    love ya,


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