Monday, June 4, 2012


We were at the beach last week with my entire family, 22 of us to be exact. It was lovely and loud and I feasted on hush puppies, fish tacos, and my baby nieces' chubby deliciousness. 

I had lots of time in the car to think and no great opportunities to write. {My thinking time was also my driving time and that makes holding pens and balancing keyboards a bit tricky. Not to mention illegal.}

This morning I sat down to write and I did indeed write a whole post. Sometimes the words flow like a mighty rushing river and at other times, they drip. drip. drip. like a rusty faucet.  This morning it was the latter. And when I finished? I didn't even like it. 

So here I sit, 8 days without a post and nostalgic for the ocean air I breathed in and out for 7 days.

But in the spirit of sharing something, anything, I submit a few favorite photos from the week. 

Oh I have plenty to write about life and school, God and grace. I even have a story or two to share but I'll save all of that for the days that are less, um, drippy.

In the meantime, I give you snapshots of our lovely time on the Carolina coast.

{sister-in-law Michelle, sister Emily, sister-in-law Liz, my mom, me...all out for my birthday lunch. And why does my hair look like a mullet with a bun? Weird.}

{the 5 boy cousins}

{the 7 girl cousins}

{Poppy, Nana and the 12 grands}

{I just love this kite photo of Poppy and sweet Marlowe.}

And these 3 belong to me. Oh what a blessed mama I am. Photos like these remind me that the years are going by way too quickly...

So raise your glass to summer! May you find sun, sand, and water aplenty. 


  1. As always, thanks for the wonderful photos of my grands at the beach.

    1. You are so welcome! They are precious. And that Cora...she is just over the top in every way. : ) Cracks me up.

  2. yes. the years are in too much of a rush. you have beautiful little people!

  3. What beautiful pictures of your beautiful family!

  4. Thanks for the pics . . . and the post. Can't wait to see everyone's photos of the week.



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