Monday, June 25, 2012

"Mom, What Can I Do?" {aka The Lazy Mom's Guide to Supervising Children}

This post and my last are an obvious departure from my typical posts. Having kids at home during the summer has forced my brain into everyday problem-solving instead of everyday philosophizing.

Now that my kids are older, it seems they're a bit more prone to uttering the b-word {"boredom"}, which has long been a banned word in our house. And though I am enjoying having them around sans homework and busyness, I still have to keep them occupied with pursuits that are somewhat fruitful.

Because I know myself, I recognize that I will go stark raving mad if I'm the one engaging with them 24 / 7. My approach to parenting is a bit laissez-faire: It's not my job to entertain my kids; it's my job to teach them how to entertain themselves. I'm all about kids being independent, not because I'm virtuous that way but because I am lazy tired. I need a bit of space, not to mention time and energy to do laundry and fix dinner.

So in the spirit of the Summer Snack List, I compiled a "Mom, What Can I Do?" list. Obviously, this only works with kids who can read. If you're really industrious, you can take pictures of activities and paste them on a list for preschoolers. Honestly, I'm not that ambitious. My preschooler does a pretty good job of entertaining himself by playing with his BFF neighbor buddy or dumping out the recycling bin.

The concept of the list is easy. Think of simple stuff your kids can do without your help. There are great things you can do with your kids like cooking, crafting, and painting. And I plan to do some of that during the summer. But I'm more interested in giving them ideas for independent play and creativity. Do what works for you. You know your kids and you know yourself. Keep those things in mind.

So without further adieu, here's our list. I'm sure we'll add to it over the summer but this at least gets us started:

How about you? Any brilliant ideas for keeping the littles busy this summer?


  1. this type A girl is loving your lists! Especially that snack idea. maybe their needs to be an adult version of this idea when the lull in the day hits...a happy hour version (you know Krystal would have some Keystone on her list....I mean "Keith Stone".).............brandi

  2. You are rocking the house girl. Send me the lists.
    I hate I am going to miss u on the 4th. Furnish my kitchen b4 u leave :)

  3. I LOVE your lists! I am a very list-y person as well. You've given me much to add to my list of things that I can make a list of to make life more manageable! (get that?)


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