Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Day 5} Real Motherhood: Notice the Becoming

Her mind will be an endless stream of creativity, ideas and how-to's. She will create beauty in some form, maybe many forms. She will have fierce convictions about fairness and truth. She will doubt and question and ask why until her days on earth are through.

His wife will always know she's beautiful and loved. Others will know him as an encourager and affirmer, a glass-half-full guy. He will be an information hound, a lover of news, a purveyor of the written word...though it will probably be all digitized by then.

He will be a force to be reckoned with. And that is all I know at this point. It's only been three years.

Every day they are becoming who they will one day be. If you pay attention now, you'll get glimpses of the future. 

It's one of my favorite pastimes as a mother. The noticing. I love to drink in their quirks, nuances, and gifts. I try to pay attention to their struggles, oversights, and pitfalls. 

And while I know I have a role in shaping who they will one day be, the real deciding happened before they even got here. Someone Else knit them together. It's my job to simply appreciate, protect, and nurture the handiwork. 

With each passing day of motherhood, I realize that it's less about getting it right and setting them on the path to "success" and more about knowing who they are and helping them know it too. 

They are becoming right before your eyes. What do you see?


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  1. Made me giggle and moved me to tears. You've been "noticing" really well.


  2. Perfect.

    A wise mama spoke truth to me a few days ago about my children's becoming. I realized I was struggling to accept who they were. And letting go of my expectations of how I thought they should be.

    It is so freeing when I remember that God knit not only their bodies but their spirits. No blank slates here.

  3. This is so beautiful, Scooper. How wise and how inspired this is.

  4. so good!!! i needed this reminder.

  5. This is such a great thought process. I do not control who my children become but I need to nurture who God made them to be. Thank you! I needed this reminder!

  6. I admit I was scared of entering the teen years. But instead, I have marveled at the changes my son is going through. It is amazing to see him move closer and closer toward manhood. We start driver's ed in a few weeks and I am ok with it. Mothering certainly is a privilege! Blessings!!


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