Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Southern Snow Day: Bring on the Roasting Pan Sleds and Milk Sandwiches

We make our home in the South. We're not famous for our wintry mixes and abundance of snow plows down here. A mere dusting shuts the place down.

Panicked shoppers have pillaged the bread and milk aisles like ravenous stormtroopers. Even my Michigan-born husband made one last trip to the store in the pre-dawn hours to get more water and emergency lighting. 

{FYI, Emergency Lighting "provides light when things go dark." I'm glad we're all clear on the purpose of lighting.}

He also grabbed another thermometer, Pop-Tarts, and ketchup, of all things. {He cannot be trusted.} Plus some bread and milk. Again. Because that's just what we do down here. 

{The Walmart bread aisle at 6 am this morning.}

My brother lives in Atlanta and we were texting this morning. He told me he saw a meme with a picture of a snowy roadway and the yeti from Rudolph. The quote said, "Keep calm and eat your milk sandwich." I'm still dying over that one. 

So we're having a Star Wars marathon on this midweek winter morning and I'd forgotten the fabulousness of Princess Leah's hair. It really is the best hair in movie history. I'd also forgotten that Harrison Ford looks 12. But perhaps the best part of the entire movie is the awesome line in The Empire Strikes Back when Leah says to Han, "I love you" and he replies with "I know."

I predict a year's worth of screen time for all of us over the next few days. Unless we lose power and then we'll be playing board games via the Emergency Lighting and stress-eating the large batch of chocolate-chip cookies I made yesterday. If things get really bad, I may have to concoct a way to make the magic popcorn on our grill or in the gas fireplace. Desperate times call for desperate measures and desperate times always call for the magic popcorn. 

Our kids will be sledding on cardboard boxes and roasting pans. 

Because unlike our reserves of bread and milk, we are not well stocked in snow toys. They will also come in every 20 minutes to dry out and warm back up. Our cotton gloves and athletic pants and sneakers are not exactly L.L. Bean-worthy. 

So those are our plans for the next few days. I am filled with equal parts excitement and nervousness. Also, I should probably take a shower in case we lose our utilities and are forced to lounge in filth and squalor the rest of the week.

Okay, time to sign off. Luke just found out who is father is and we all need a moment. 

If you're in the neighborhood feel free to stop by. I make a mean milk sandwich.


How about you? Is is snowing in your neck of the woods? Any tips for surviving southern snow days?

Update: My sister-in-law found the milk-sandwich yeti. : )

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  1. I live 20 miles northwest of Chicago. We get snow from November through April. This year it feels like it has been non-stop. 30 inches has fallen on the ground so far this year. Not much panic up here except when they predict Ice storms.Thank you Jesus that we haven't had one of them yet this year. Can I ask a question?? What's a milk sandwich?

    1. Lolly, that's a great question! A milk sandwich is simply poking fun at the fact that bread and milk are the first things to fly off the shelves in a snowstorm, especially in the South. What in the world can we possibly do with all of the bread and milk we hoard? Make "milk sandwiches." They're totally not a real thing, just a joke about the bread + milk. : )

  2. We were snowed in over the weekend- we made snow ice cream. I'd never heard of it, but it was amazing!

    If you're interested:

    1 cup milk
    1/3 cup sugar
    pinch salt
    1 tsp vanilla

    Mix it all up really good, pop it in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then scoop up about 8 heaping cups of snow and mix it all together. It melts quick, but it was a good diversion when it was impossible to leave the house :)

    Enjoy your snow days, and may the force be with you.

  3. I'm several days late reading this one (guess I was too busy watching for the "historic," "potentially catastrophic" snow storm . . . meteorologist-speak for "It's gonna absolutely fizzle out before it reaches your region!"). Loved the shopping trip review.

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